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Study Guide chapter 5

Imhotep The first great enginers who built pyramids . He also served as an official the pharaoh.
When was Memphis Capital Around 200 B.C, the ruling pharaohs in memphis began to weaken. They moved the capital south to a city called thebes.
Incense A meterial burned for its pleasent smell. The Egyptains valved wood products because the nile River valley have few trees.
Savannas Or grassy plains, that strech across Africa south of the sahara.
axum Emereged near the red sea in eastern Africa Axum is located in the present-day country of ethiopia.
Hapi Thus, two of the most crucial gods were the sun god Re and the river god Hapi
Re The sun god who moves the sun. They believed their pharaoh was a god on earth who protected Egypt
Thebes These New pharaohs began a period of peace and order called the Middle Kingdom that lasted from about c.2055 to c.1650 B.C
Who untied Upper and Lower Egypt Narmer was a king of upper Egypt, About 3100 B.C, He led his armies from the valley north into delta. Narmer conquered lower Egypt and Upper Egypt.
What were the natural barries that protected Egypt, and what direction was from Egypt, and what direction was from Egypt? The Nile borders the largest deserts in the world. To the west.
The relationship between Pharaohs and other leaders. Nubians of Kerma grew wealthy from agrcuture and the mining of gold. Their Kingdom developed a close relationship with egypt.
Amenhotep IV Supported by his wife, Nefertiti, Amenhotep tried to change Egypt's religion was based on the worship of many detites
What Happened to Hysksos The Egyptians learned how to streer horse-drawn chariots and and use hyksos weapons. Around named Ahomose formed an army and drove the hykosos out of egypt.
Why did the Egyptians build pyramids to honor their pharaohs? To make graves for their Pharaohs and Queens or to show glory for their pharaohs.
What social class did farmers belong to and what belong to and what were their lives like? Framers and herders were in the lower class but they could improve their position and their lives were people who own their own buisness and performed task as servants.
How was Meroe different from a typical Egyptians or Kushite city.
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