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Chapter 7 Set 2

possession ownership
previous coming before; earlier
protectionism economic policy that limits trade by using tariffs or other restrictions
reaper machine that cuts grain for harvesting
response something done as a reaction to something else
stagecoach large carriage pulled by horses used to carry passengers
steam engine machine that uses steam from boiling water to create power
tariff tax placed on imports and exports
Trail of Tears the name given to the forced march of 15,000 Cherokee in 1838 from their homes in Georgia to the Indian Territory
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo the treaty under which Mexico sold territory to the United States
union group of states or nations that ruled by one government or that agree to work together
wagon train a line of wagons led west by an experienced guide
War Hawks members of Congress who supported the war against Great Britain during the War of 1812
Created by: knavarro70