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section one

Title: ... Features Physical
After Russia, Canada is the second largest country in the world in total... land area
Most people in Canada live near the ... border. United States
The .... region includes the Arctic Archipelago. arctic
The ... is massive, rocky area dotted with thousands of lakes. It extends from Hudson Bay to the Canadian Cordillera. Canada Shield
The Atlantic ... in the east include the northern parts of Appalachian Mountains. province
The ... is the most populous region in Canada. St. Lawrence River
Farther west are the interier ... which are great for farming and are the same as the ... in the United States. plains
The ... is in the northernmost part of the Rocky Mountains. Canadian Cordillera
The Pacific ... is on the Canada’s far west. coast
Most ... live in the southern coastal areas, such as the St. Lawrence River Valley, Atlantic Provinces, and Southwest coast. valley
These areas have moderate climates and ... soils for farming and resources that support large .... fertile
This is within the ... Circle. arctic
Title: The ... of Climate Effects
Canada climates are varied ...
Precipitation ... is the amount of rain, snow, sleet or hail that fall in an area.
The part of Canada that is located closest to the United States has a less iron ... - varied silver ... climates.
There are small areas that are semiarid and maritime ... climates.
Most of Canada’s climate is continental Great Lakes ... cool ... summer ... climate ... where summer is hot and humid and winter is very cold.
The maritime ______________ climate region on Canada’s Pacific Coast has more rain than snow and temperatures are moderate.
Northern ... has subarctic and tundra climates with long cold winters and limited vegetation, freezing temperatures last winter and summer.
In the subarotio ..., summers are short, cool, and rainy, with temperatures reaching the mid-60s to low 70s.
Very few people ... live in the North.
Title: Land and ... Resources
The largest physical region in Canada is the ... which is dotted with ancient rocks and thousands of lakes and bays that were created by melting ... Canadian Shield
Minerals found in this area are copper, iron, nickel, lead, gold and ... silver
... created the five Great Lakes Glaciers
The ... extends across the Arctic Circle and has thousands of islands, such as ... that are covered by ice and snow all year. archipelago
Soil that never thaws is called... permafrost
The area surrounding the St. Lawrence River area and the Great Lakes is often called the... Heartland of Canada
Canada has many rivers and bays with some having dams that create ... power. hydroelectric
The ... connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Oceans with canals and locks. St. Lawrence River
This is an important ... route to the sea. transportation
The ... are low rounded mountains that extend to the United States separating the ... from the rest of Canada. Appalachians ... Atlantic Provinces
The Atlantic Province’s economy primarily is fishing, forestry, agriculture and ... tourism
The Grand ... is the best fishing in the area in the world located off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. banks
The warm waters from the Gulf Stream and cold waters from the Labrador Current meet in a mixing... zone
A mixing ... is an area where warm and cool water combine and stir nutrients from the ocean floor. zone
Fish feed on these... nutrients
The interior ... area has farms, ranches, minerals. plains
Gas and ... are found here as well. coal
The ... is the Canadian portion of the Rocky Mountains with dramatic views, skiing, and mining history. Canadian Cordillera
The .... : New Concerns Environment
Canada’s natural ... has become threatened due to: environment
... hydroelectric plants Overdeveloped
Extracting too many... mineral
Clear-cut... forest
The United States and Canada make efforts to clean up air... pollution
1990's Air Quality reduce acid rain agreement
2003 Border Air Quality ... to reduce smog strategy
Canada’s Climate Change Plan 1997 is intended to reduce ... global warming
Arctic region is a fragile ... that takes years to heal. environment
... growth has created air and water pollution and over extraction of natural resources. Urban
Canada faces many challenges to both its ...and economic in future. environmental
This is within the ... Circle. arctic
However, the Arctic ice cap ... to melt continues
... helps decide where people live. Climate
The ... group of lakes in the world. largest
... is between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Niagara Falls
There is little ... in summer. thawing
Created by: 194562
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