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Mass Migration the mass migration of six million African-Americans or Blacks to the North between the years 1910-1970.
Ivan Allen mayor of Atlanta who was instrumental in the development of the city, bringing major league sports teams to Atlanta, and a key figure in the civil rights movement.
William Hartsfield Atlanta’s longest serving mayor who was instrumental in bring aviation to the city and worked with civil rights leaders during the civil rights movement.
1946 Governors Race Due to the death of the 1946 governor’s race winner Eugene Talmadge and recent changes to the Georgia state constitution, three men had a legitimate claim to the office; the matter was settled by the Supreme Court and a special election in 1948.
Ellis Arnall progressive Georgia governor who is credited for restoring accreditation to the state’s institutions of higher education, lowering the voting age, and abolishing the poll tax.
Melvin Thompson the first person elected to the office of lieutenant governor of Georgia; served as the state's governor in 1947-1948.
white primary was used by Southern whites to keep African-Americans or Blacks from voting in the Democratic primary
What did new technology like tractors and processors do? helped farmers plant and harvest quicker and more efficiently
Many farmers reduced the amount of crops they grew and turned to... raising livestock and poultry
Cotton was no longer king, farmers began growing other crops like pecans and peanuts
A key reason for the migration of people into Georgia since the 1940s has been a diversified economy.
Why is Atlanta's longest serving mayor, William Berry Hartsfield, known as Atlanta's "father of aviation"? He believed that an airport for Atlanta would be a key to the city's economic prosperity
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