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6 Hist Ch 7 BJ U

* The Greek city-states in Asia Minor rebelled against the Persians
* Athens and a few other city-states on the Greek mainland sent an army to help the Greeks
* Darius was angry What events led to the Persian Wars
1. Let them keep their own law
2. Let them keep their own language What are two ways that Cyrus showed tolerance to his subjects -
A common currency or coin system What thing encouraged trade during the rule of Darius
Aegean Sea
Black Sea
Caspian Sea
Susa Be able to locate these places on the map
Ahasuerus The Hebrew name for the Persian king Xerxes
Avesta The Holy writings of zoroastrianism
Blended some Persian customs with Greek culture What thing did Alexander the Great did when he began ruling Persia
Challenge - How to govern the whole empire
Solution - He set up a centralized government
Challenge - How to keep the empire connected
Solution - He built a good road system What were the problems that Darius's large empire faced -
How did he solve those problems-
Darius the Great Under his rule the Persian Empire reached its greatest size and power
Esther God gave the queen favor with Xerxes, and He brought about deliverance for His people through __________________
God had numbered the days left in the Chaldean kingdom What was Daniel's interpretation of the handwriting on the Chaldean palace wall-
Greece Which Nation won the Marathon Battle in the Persian War
Greece Which Nation won the Salamis Battle in the Persian War
Greek influences;
Persian The Sassanid kings wanted to rid the culture of ____________________________ and bring back all that was truly _____________________________
Hellenistic After Alexander's conquest, Greek culture that made its way into other lands was called __________________
Herodotus Who wrote this quote, which is sometimes used to describe the United States Postal Service -
"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds."
Immortals The King's own special military force
It described how Cyrus allowed the Israelites to return and rebuild God's temple. How did the Cyrus Cylinder become an important testimony to the truth of God's Word -
Magi The priest in the Persian Empire
Marathon 26.2 miles
Persia Which Nation won the Thermopylae Battle in the Persian War
Rendering an interpretation
Satrapy a province in the Persian Empire
zoroaster Who founded the main religion of Persia -
1. Recognizes only one God, but not the God of the Bible
2. Zoroastrians believe god is equal with the evil being he battles against
3. Zoroastrianism teaches what man does in this life will determine what his eternity will be like
1. Believe in the God of the Bible
2. Believe the true God rules over all
3. Believe the Bible teaches where man spends his eternity depends on his relationship with Jesus Christ Essay:
Compare and Contrast Zoroastrianism and Biblical Truth
Created by: Mrs_CC
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