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schaffer 15/16q

Lesson 15 and 16 study guide

What was a campaign slogan in President Polk’s 1844 campaign? "54 40 or fight!"
What is the name given to the belief that the United States had the spiritual right and duty to expand across the North American continent? Manifest destiny
How did the United States acquire land in the West? through war, treaties, and settlement.
How did the Louisiana Purchase affect the United States? It doubled the nation's size.
Why did the United States want to acquire Florida? to end raids on Georgia farms.
What was the final destination of the Mormons? The Salt Lake Valley
Why did some northerners oppose the annexation of Texas? Texas allowed slavery.
From what county did we purchase the Louisiana Territory? France
Which event occurred before Stephen F. Austin started a colony in Texas? Mexico declared independence from Spain.
Why did the Tejanos resent the Americans settling in Texas? They were settling illegally.
What was an incentive for settlers to travel to Oregon Country? fertile farmland
What was Mexico’s policy toward slavery in 1830? It was illegal.
What event contributed to the start of the Mexican-American War? the annexation of Texas by the U.S. Congress
How was Mexico affected by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo? It decreased Mexico's territory by a third.
What was President Polk’s plan for the United States? He wanted the United States to increase its territory.
What was the opinion of those who opposed the expansion of the United States? The United States should return territories won in battle and only keep Texas.
What was gained through the Gadsden Purchase of 1853? A good railroad route to California.
What led to the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1804? The Louisiana Purchase
Who was important to the survival of the members of the Lewis and Clark expedition? American Indians
What was one legacy of the Lewis and Clark expedition? They mapped a route to the Pacific.
In the 1830s, what was California’s main industry? cattle ranching
The ancestors of the Californios were… Spanish
Which is another name for the mountain men? fur trappers
What was one legacy of the Californios? city names in California
What was an important legacy of the early missionaries to Oregon? They converted American Indians.
What did pioneer women achieve well before women in the East? They earned wages equal to those of men.
What did Biddy Mason achieve in the West? She legally won her freedom from slavery.
What was one effect of the California gold rush? California achieved statehood.
What describes the experience of many Chinese immigrants in California? They were subjected to prejudice and abuse.
What was one contribution of Chinese immigrants to the United States? cultural diversity
Why did the Mormons move west to Utah? to settle where they could freely practice their beliefs
What is a legacy of John Frémont and Zebulon Pike? They explored the West.
What was the biggest challenge for many people who traveled to the West? Rocky Mountains
What was the Lewis and Clark expedition? The group sent to explore the Louisiana Purchase for the United States.
What is a rancho? A large ranch in California or Texas that raised livestock like cattle or sheep.
Who were the Mormons? A religious group that moved from New York to Ohio to Illinois to Missouri and eventually to Utah to create their own religious community.
What is an immigrant? Someone that moves into an area from someplace else.
What is a legacy? What a group of people do that is left behind for future generations.
What was the Oregon Trail? The trail followed by settlers from Independence, Missouri to Oregon.
Why did missionaries like Marcus and Narcissa Whitman and Henry and Eliza Spalding move west? They wanted to convert Native Americans to Christianity.
Why did single women pioneers move to the West? To gain more independence and freedom.
What motivated many poor Chinese peasants to travel to California in the 1800s? The discovery of gold in California.
What hardship faced by the Chinese caused them to leave the mines? Discrimination and mistreatment by other miners.
Why was discovering South Pass important to opening the West to settlers? It was the easiest path through the Rocky Mountains, which was difficult for settlers in wagons to cross.
What is a territory? Unorganized land owned by a country that is not yet a state.
What was the Texas War for Independence? The revolution that broke Texas away from Mexico, allowing it to form the Lone Star Republic.
What is diplomacy? Negotiations between countries to avoid problems and create cooperation.
What was the Mexican-American War fought over? Ownership of Arizona, New Mexico, and California.
Why were the city of New Orleans and the Mississippi River important to farmers in the early 1800s? American farmers used the Mississippi River to ship goods to market.
What was included in the deal that the United States made with Spain in 1819 to end the conflict over Florida (the Adams-Onis Treaty)? America paid Spain for damage caused by Jackson; America got Florida; America recognized Spain's claim to Texas.
What agreement did Great Britain and the United States make in the 1820s concerning Oregon? They had joint ownership of the Oregon Country.
What does it mean if a country is going to "annex" another country? a large country will add the smaller country to itself.
In the early 1800's, what two countries shared ownership of the Oregon Territory? The United States and Great Britian
Created by: rschaffer8787
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