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S & E Asia Set 4 #4

S & E Asia Set 4 #4 Nationalism, Ho Chi Minh, Gen. MacArthur, VJ Day

Domino Theory the idea that if one country fell to communism, all the others nearby would also fall
Civil Disobedience The refusal to obey unjust laws using peaceful protests.
Mao Zedong The Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party. He ruled China until 1976.
Great Leap Forward Mao Zedong’s economic program implemented in 1958 to speed China’s economic development by moving masses of people into communes to live and farm for the government.
Tiananmen Square Where the Chinese government sent tanks and opened fire killing hundreds of innocent people that were peacefully protesting against communism and for human rights.
Containment A United States policy using numerous strategies to prevent the spread of communism.
Rowlatt Act A law passed by the British colonial government giving them the power to arrest and imprison any person for two years without a trial.
Mohandas Gandhi Great Indian leader who urged the Indian people to resist British rule by following nonviolent Hindu practices
Colonialism The administrative control by a state over other people.
Independence Freedom from the influence or control of others.
Humanitarian Someone who is devoted to being kind to others & helping them when they are suffering.
Discrimination Unequal treatment against another based on gender, race, age, etc
Nationalism Strong pride in one’s nation or ethnic group.
Ho Chi Minh Organized the Indochinese Communist Party in Vietnam. He wanted independence for Vietnam and fought the French and later United States.
Gen. Douglas MacArthur He commanded the Allied Forces in the Pacific. He oversaw the rebuilding of Japan and helped establish their new form of government - a constitutional monarchy.
VJ Day Aug. 14th, 1945 and also Sept. 2, 1945 The day that Japan surrendered to the Allied Forces ending WWII.
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