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Thursday Quiz

War of 1812

Who did Thomas Jefferson go up against for president in the election of 1796? John Q. Adams
Who was the only Democratic-Republican running for president in the election of 1796? Thomas Jefferson
When France attacked American shipping to influence the election and hurt Britain what war started (sort of war)? The "Quasi War"
What is it called when men are captured/kidnapped and forced into a navy? Impressment
What act aimed at keeping refugees from both sides of the French Revolution from having an influence on the American government? Alien and Sedition Act
Who wanted to push white settlement all the way to the Appalachian Mountains? Tecumseh
What war started when Indian tribes didn't want to give up their land to the settlers? War of 1812
What battle inspired Francis Scott Key to write a poem that is now our National Anthem? Battle of Baltimore (Ft. McHenry)
Who wrote the poem that is our National Anthem today? Francis Scott Key
What treaty was signed before we had one last battle (this one didn't count)? Treaty of Ghent
Who became a national hero after the Battle of New Orleans (he was a president)? Andrew Jackson
What trial established the power of Judicial Review? Marbury vs. Madison
What trial expanded Federal power over interstate trade? Gibbons vs. Ogden
What trial said states could not interfere with federal institutions? McCullouch vs. Maryland
What was created by Jefferson and Madison to ensure that state government has power like declaring a law unconstitutional or not? Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions
What election did Thomas Jefferson win? Election of 1800
What was the largest piece of land we bought from the French and expanded west into the territory? The Louisiana Purchase
What inspired people to explore the Louisiana Territory after explorers brought back detailed journals of what they saw? Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery
Who explored the Louisiana Territory, but came back with very little information because he was captured for crossing over to their land? Zebulon Pike
What restricted American ships from trading in foreign countries? Embargo Act of 1807
What act did not allow us to trade with Britain or France unless they stopped attacking our ships and kidnapping our sailors? Non-Intercourse Act
Who tried to negotiate with Tecumseh, but ends up using military force? William Henry Harrison
What war was a U.S. victory against Creek Indians who were allied with Britain? Creek War
What war was an American victory, but did not count because the Treaty of Ghent was signed before it started? Battle of New Orleans
What began in 1789 and ended in the late 1790's that wanted to change government, but was not accepted at the time? French Revolution
What treaty allowed Spain to give Florida to Americans because they were unable to invest more into the state? Adams-Onis' Treaty
Created by: scobyell000