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War of 1812

Who won the election of 1796? John Adams
Who won the election of 1800? Thomas Jefferson
What is impressment? When the British forced American sailors they captured to work for their navy.
Who attacked our shipping during the "Quasi-War"? Revolutionary France
What did the French want to end during the "Quasi-War"? The special privileges that Britain gained from Jay's treaty.
What did the Alien Acts do? They increased the eligibility for citizenship from 5 to 14 years. Gave President power to arrest or expel enemies in time of war. The President could also expel all aliens deemed "dangerous" to the peace and safety of the US
What did the Sedition Act do? It became illegal to publicly critisize members of the government.
Who drafted the Kentucky and Virgina Resolutions? Thomas Jefferson and James Madison
What did the Resolutions say? 1. The Constitution was a compact between sovereign and state. 2. Each state had "an equal right to judge for itself.
Who were sent to purchase land from the French and end up getting all of Louisiana? Robert Livingston and James Monroe
What did the Embargo Act of 1807 do? Stopped all imports and exports.
What did the Non-Intercourse Act do? It reopened trade with anyone not at war and would trade with one side if they promised not to attack our ships.
Who was Tecumseh? He was a Native American that started a conferation of Indians to fight white settlers. He dies at the Battle of Thames.
Who was William Heny Harrison? He was a major contributor of the War of 1812 and was the ninth president who only served one month.
What happened at the Battle of Fort McHenry? The British try and attack the fort but the flag still stood in the morning.
Who wrote our national anthem? Francis Key Scott
Treaty of Ghent Declares war of 1812 a tie.
Who was Andrew Jackson? He fought the Creek off and also decimated the British at the Battle of New Orleans. He later becomes president.
What is the Adams-Onis Treaty? It's the treaty where we purchase Florida.
Marbury v Madison Established the power of Judicial review.
Gibbons v Ogden Expanded Federal power of interstate trade.
McCullouch v Maryland Stated that states can't interfere with Federal institutions.
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