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Modern Texas

Vocabulary Terms to Know

Biofuel A fuel made directly from recently living matter, such as plants or waste from animals
Solar Farm A large installation of solar panels used to generate electricity
Power Grid A system of power plants, stations, and cables used to transmit electricity throughout an area
Turbine A machine that produces power by spinning of a rotor or wheel
NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) An agreement among United States, Canada, and Mexico to eliminate all barriers to trade among the three among the three countries
Generate To produce
Great Recession A severe economic slowdown that began in 2007 with a financial crisis but spread to the whole economy
Statisitics numerical data about a particular topic
Startup A new company formed by an entrepreneur
Genetic Relating to genes, or places on chromosomes that determine a person's inherited features
Incentive something, such as money or fear of punishment, that motivates or encourages a behavior or Bioutcome
Biomedical having to do with the intersection of medicine and the natural sciences, such as biology and biochemistry
Robotics The science and technology of robot design, manufacture, and use
Insurgent A person who revolts against civil authority or an established government
Stable Secure, able to last
National Guard The part-time military forces organized by the states but available for national events in a time of crisis
Terrorists A person who uses violence to advance a political cause
Fracking A method of hard to get oil and natural gas from underground deposits by pumping water into a layer holding the oil and gas
Coalition A group that forms temporarily to achieve a goal
Third Party An organized political group that is neither Republican or Democrat
Finances The money a government needs to function
Tea Party A conservative political movement that reflects frustration with high taxes, too much government regulation of business, and excessive federal spending
Bill A proposed law presented to a legislature for consideration
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