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plantations large farms
slavery the practice of holding people against their will and making them work without pay
borderlands lands on the edge of Spain´s claims
presidios forts
missions religious settlements
Santa Fe capital of the New Mexico colony
haciendas large homes or estates
raw material a resource that can be used to make a product
stock part ownership in a business
Jamestown Virginia's first permanent settlement
cash crop a crop that people grow to sell
profit the money left over after all costs have been paid
indentured servants The Virginia Company paid for people´s passages, or trips, to Virginia. In return, the people agreed to work without pay for a length of time (4-7 years)
legislature lawmaking branch of the government (House of Burgesses)
represent someone to speak for people in the government
royal colony a colony that the king owned the colony
pilgrim a person who makes a journey for religious reasons
compact a signed document where signers agreed that fair laws would be made for the good of the colony
self-government the right to govern themselves
majority rule If more than half the people agreed to a law or a decision, everyone had to follow it
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