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Social Studies


What are some of the most important achievements of the Athenians? Democracy, Greek- City States, Beautiful Art we still study today.
What is the European Union? Group of countries that joined together to establish a common economic foreign, and political policy.
What is the purpose of the European Union? They were stronger together than apart.
Describe the Renaissance period. It was a period in Europe the began in Italy. It started in the 1300's and lasted till the 1600's. Famous art, architecture, ideas and learning flourished.
Who are some of the most important artists during this time? Leonardo Da Vinci ( The Last Supper )( Mona Lisa). Michelangelo ( The Creation of Adam).
Who has control in a Democracy? The people have control in a democracy whether it is Direct or Representative Democracy.
Where does Democracy come from? It was created in Athens, Greece.
Define the Protestant Reformation. A religious movement in the 16th century that began as an attempt to reform the Roman Catholic Church. and resulted in the creation of Protestant Churches.
Explain the Feudal System ( Feudalism) A system in which kings gave land to nobles in exchange for their military service.
What are the major differences between an Unlimited and Limited government? Unlimited Government- The ruler/government has all of the power Limited Government- The power of the ruler/government is limited.
Define Peninsula. A body of land surrounded by water on 3 sides.
List at least 5 Peninsulas in Western Europe. Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Sweden.
List the effects of colonization in the Americas ( Columbia Exchange) It was the exchange of ideas, plants , animals, diseases, human populations.
What is the importance of the Mediterranean Sea? Provided trade, jobs, food and transportation.
In 1436 Johannes Gutenberg invented the movable printing press. This invention revolutionized the world. What type of items could be produced with a printing press? Books were massed produced. People were able to learn to read which increased literacy rates throughout Europe.
Why did the movable printing press revolutionize the world? This led to the Rennisance.
Draw the Feudal Pyramid. King Nobles and Church Officials Knights and Vassals Serfs and Peasants
What period is the Middle Ages? 500-1450
Indulgence is... Spoiling myself.
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