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92683 Social Studies

By Aiden Rinehart "This is to help you study for Social Studies" 3rd Quarter

Define Privateer A privately own ship that has governmental permission to attack enemy merchant ships
Define Deserter One who leavers their military post without intending to return
Define Ally Joining sides as a result of a treaty
Define the Battle of Saratoga The British surrendered and is known as the turning point in the war
Define the Continental Congress The governing body of the 13 colonies
Define the Battle of Trenton A key battle that saved the American Army
Define Patriot One who is loyal to the American cause
Define Loyalists One who was loyal to England
Define Guerrilla Warfare Smalls bands of fighters who use hit-and-run tactics
Define Treaty of Paris This ended the American Revolutionary War
Define the Battle of Yorktown The last major battle of the American Revolution where 8,000 British surrendered
Describe what the American army was like at the beginning of the war Disorganized, Lacking training, regional differences among troops, lack supplies/uniforms, conditions were horrible
What 2 European countries helped the American colonies during the war? France and Spain
Describe the winter at Valley Forge Cold, wet, little food, little warm clothing, 1 out of 4 died of cold or little food
Explain the British strategy in the North The wanted to control the Hudson River and cut off New England from the rest of the colonies
Explain the American strategy throughout the war Avoid a major defeat, fight defensively, get help from France
How did the spies help in the war effort? Often women and children. They would gather and share information on the enemy
Why did the British switch their strategy to the South? Because they thought most of the people living in the South were loyalists/slaves and would help them. They would also be closer to the West Indies
List the key aspects of the Treaty of Paris. A. U.S. = Independence B. New Borders C. Repay the debts owed to the other D. Return of POW's E. Return property seized from loyalists
What were the effects of the war? A. Cost of the war for both sides B. The change in ideas about government C. The impact the end of the war had on slavery A. 25,700 American lives; 10,000 British lives. American = $27 million in debt B.Change from ruled by a king to ruled by the people. Individuals would have to place the good of the country about their own interests. C. Many Northern states ended slavery
Define Mercenary Soldiers hired out to fight for different countries
What were the four key advantages for Americans that led to victory? Better leadership, knowledge of geography, reasons for fighting (had a cause), and foreign help
What were the four main disadvantages for the British? Poor military leadership, fighting on foreign turf, had to win, no real reason for fighting
What were the three main disadvantages for the Americas? Division among troops, lack of supplies/money, and inexperienced/lacked training
Created by: 19arinehart



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