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8 Hist Ch 8 BJU

According to Alexander Hamilton's plan, who should repay the state debts? the federal government
Alexander Hamilton planned for the major part of the national bank to be ____________________ owned and operated by businesses and citizens. privately (not government control)
Another name for the federal government national government
At the beginning of the French Revolution, most Americans ______________ the French and their actions. supported
Did George Washington intend to make the U.S. like the countries in Western Europe? (England, France...) No!
During what incident were the American envoys offered a bribe by French officials? the XYZ Affair
ESSAY === Why were the Alien & Sedition Acts dangerous? P. 155, class notes, & class discussion
In the beginning of the U.S., what issue divided the first two political parties? financial ($$$) issues
Name one of the major priorities of the first Congress. Passing the Bill of Rights
Name the 4 departments in Washington's Cabinet. State Department War Department Justice Department Treasury Department
Name the man who tried to take the Presidency from Jefferson. Aaron Burr
Name the precedents set by George Washington as President. two term tradition Establishing a cabinet Placing his hand on the Bible when taking the oath Voluntarily giving up power
Name the second President. He had great a great political background of service to our country. John Adams
Name the Secretary of State who refused to deliver a judge's appointment. James Madison
Name the troublesome French diplomat who caused problems during Washington's time as President. Edmond Charles Genet
Over what issue did John Adams strongly disagree with his political party? Alien & Sedition Acts
President Adams avoided all-out war with France by signing what agreement? the Convention of 1800
The new government began with many heavy __________________ obligations. financial ($$$)
The way George Washington handled the ______________ ___________________ proved that the U.S. would not allow disobedience to federal laws. Whiskey Rebellion
What did George Washington issue to urge Americans to be impartial toward France and Britain in their war with each other during the French Revolution? Neutrality Proclamation
What did Thomas Jefferson & James Madison write to combat the Alien & Sedition Acts? Virginia & Kentucky Resolutions
What famous ship was built during the naval buildup called for during the "quasi-war" with France? U.S.S. Constitution
What is the name for a tax paid for the manufacture or sale of certain goods and services? excise tax
What is the taking of the presidential oath? inauguration
What party supported the Alien & Sedition acts? Federalist Party
What political party was Thomas Jefferson a part of? Democratic-Republican Party
What provided the details for establishing the Supreme Court, district courts, and circuit courts? Judiciary Act of 1789
What Supreme Court policy did the case of Marbury v. Madison establish? the Supreme Court exercising judicial review
What term describes the proposed right of states to declare a federal law void within its boundaries? nullification
What treaty settled America's differences with Spain? Pinckney Treaty
What upset the western Pennsylvania farmers so much in 1794 that they held a rebellion against the government? a tax on whiskey
What was a proposed state power over legislation? nullification
What was the putting of Americans into the British navy? impressment
What were 2 reasons that John Adams had a difficult time as President? 1. The people loved George Washington so much. 2. His cabinet was not loyal to him.
Where did Anthony Wayne defeat a band of Indians in order to put a stop to Indian attacks? Fallen Timbers
Which one of the following was responsible for America's "quasi-war" with France? the XYZ Affair
Who appointed the midnight judges? John Adams
Who defeated a band of Indians at Fallen Timbers? Anthony Wayne
Who has been described as "First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen"? George Washington
Who led the opposition against Alexander Hamilton's financial plans? Thomas Jefferson
Who made an unpopular treaty with the British? John Jay
Who was John Adams' Vice President? Thomas Jefferson
Who was more popular with the American people: George Washington or John Adams? George Washington
Who was the first Vice President of the United States? John Adams
Who were the members of George Washington's cabinet? Thomas Jefferson Alexander Hamilton Henry Knox Edmund Randolph
Created by: Mrs_CC
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