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- AC Advisory Circulars
- ADM Aeronautical Decision Making
- AFM Aircraft Flight Manual
- AGL Above Ground Level
- AIM Aeronautical Information Manual
- AIS Abbreviated Injury Scale
- ASL Above Sea Level
- ASOS Automated Surface Observing System (monitors the weather)
- ATC Air Traffic Control
- ATCT Air Traffic Control Tower
- ATIS Automatic Terminal Information System (a loop of useful information broadcast over the radio near an airport)
- AWC Aviation Weather Center
- AWOS Automated Weather Observing System
- CFR Code of Federal Regulations
- CG Center of Gravity
- CoW Certificate of Waiver
- CRM Crew Resource Management
- CS Control Station (your remote control)
- CTAF Common Traffic Advisory Frequency
- FAA Federal Aviation Administration
- FDC Flight Data Center
- FLIP Department of Defense Flight Information Publication
- FL Flight Level
- FSS Flight Service Station. Provides pilot briefings, enroute communications, search-and-rescue services, help lost aircraft, etc.
- FTP Flight Termination Point
- IFR Instrument Flight Rules
- ILS Instrument Landing System
- LOA Letter of Agreement
- METAR Aviation Routine Weather Reports
- MOA Military Operations Area
- MSL Mean Sea Level
- MTR Military Training Routes
- MULTICOM Not an acronym, just the radio frequency (122.9) we use to announce aircraft when there’s no ATC.
- NAS National Airspace System
- NM Nautical Miles
- NOTAM Notice to Airman
- NTAP Notice to Airman Publication
- NTSB National Transportation Safety Board
- NWS National Weather Service
- OVC Overcast (from METAR)
- PIC Pilot In Control. You, flying the drone.
- POH Pilot Operating Handbook
- RA Rain
- SFC Surface
- SIDA Secure Identification Display Area. The part of the airport where you need to be wearing a badge.
- SM Statute Miles
- SMS Safety Management System
- sUAS Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (aka., drone, UA, UAS)
- TAF Terminal Aerodrome Forecast
- TFR Temporary Flight Restriction
- UA Unmanned Aircraft (aka., drone, sUAS, UAS)
- UAS Unmanned Aircraft System (aka., drone, sUAS, UA)
- UNICOM Not an acronym
- VFR Visual Flight Rules
- VLOS Visual Line-of-Sight
- VO Visual Observer
- VOR Very High Frequency Omnidirectional Range. They’re navigation beacons.
- VR Visual Flight Rules Military Training Routes
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