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Chp. 5 Social Vocabs

Chp. 5 Social

An Italian explorer sent by Queen Isabella to search for Asia. Christopher Columbus
First European to cross the Pacific Ocean. A Portuguese explorer, that got sent by Spain to find for a western sea route to Asia. Magellan
Travel completely around something. Circumnavigate
He tried to search for Prester John. He also believed that he would help convert people in Africa to Christianity. Prince Henry
Portuguese explorer who found a route to Asia. He sailed around Africa across Indian Ocean. Vasco de Gama
Science of determining the course, position or distance travel. Usually for ships. Navigate
Legend of the Christian monarch. He ruled a fabulously wealthy kingdom. Prester John
Popular trading spot that is exposed to many trade routes. Constantinople
Native people in the region. Indigenous
Wealthy people who invest their money into trade deals. Merchants
Resources that are valuable like gold, silver and platinum. Precious Metals
To announce something huge. Proclaim
Passage way for trading. Network
Created by: jessah040504