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Conflict DT 12.1 V

Conflict unit Discovery Techbook 12.1 vocabulary

passport A legal document from the national government certifying the holder is a citizen of that country, and is allowed to travel to and from other countries.
open border People are allowed to move freely from one nation to another with little or no restriction.
controlled border A border that places significant restrictions on non-citizens entering the country and limits what that non-citizen can do and how long they stay.
closed border Prevents most or all citizens from leaving their countries and non-citizens from entering their countries.
refugee Any person who flees his or her country to avoid persecution.
genocide The systematic killing of many people from a particular ethnic, national, or religious group.
treaty An agreement between two or more countries that has the force of international law.
ally Someone or something that has a positive and supportive relationship with someone or something else.
summit A conference of heads of state or other prominent government officials, used to create economic or political policies.
intergovernmental organization An agency that three or more sovereign states set up to address common concerns or meet particular goals.
political borders Shape nations, cities, counties, and territories, among others. Also serves to unite the people within the boundaries around shared beliefs and characteristics. Basically as lines drawn on a map.
physical borders Boundaries that are decided by natural features.
cultural borders Boundaries that define a cultural area within a nation, state, or even a city.
border the official legal boundary of a country or state, also the outer edge of the country or state
territory simply refers to any geographical region or area of land on Earth
dictatorship a form of government in which a single person or a small group of people have absolute power
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