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Chapter 15

The New Deal

Agriculture Adjustment Act (AAA) It restricted crop production to reduce crop surplus. It was a recovery.
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) It took unmarried men ages 18-25 from relief rolls and sent them into woods and fields to work. It was a relief.
Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (FDIC) Restored confidence in banks and encouraged savings by insuring bank costumers against the loss of up to $5000 in their deposits if their bank fails. Reform.
Works Progress Administration (WPA) Employed at least 8.5 million people. Relief.
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Most ambitious program. It helped build dams, provided electricity, and increased agriculture production. Reform.
Deficit Spending Government spending of funds raised by borrowing.
New Deal Series of federal programs by Roosevelt.
What was FDR's first major action upon entering office specifically designed to help stabilize our economy? Emergency Banking Relief Act
What was significant about Frances Perkins role during FDR's presidency? She was the first woman in office, and she had a role in the social security act.
Why was it so imperative that FDR's New Deal policies included social welfare? To fix the suffering and pain of the Great Depression.
Why did congress rule the AAA unconstitutional? Most farmers couldn't afford not to take the government payments.
Which of FDR's policies still impacts American families today? Social Security Act
During the 1930's, which groups used sit-down strikes as a way to protest unfair working conditions? Wagner Act
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