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Chapter 11

The First World War

Fourteen Points A statement of principles for peace to end war
propaganda biased information
war guilt clause treaty of versaillies was signed
zimmerman note a message from germany to mexico proposing an alliance
how did the existence of the alliance system expand the amount of countries involved in the conflict beyond austria hungary and serbia each alliance had a group of countries where one group believed something else
what was the purpose of the espionage and sedition acts the purpose was to make it illegal to write or speak anything critical of american involvement in the war
who were the doughboys? how did they get their nicknames? members of the u.s. army, they looked like bakers
what were several of the weapons used machine guns, poison gas, airplanes, submarines, and tanks
how many americans died on the luistiana boat? why is this significant? 128 americans, it led to the war
which nation did germany hope to defeat france
who is responsible for the death of the arch duke of austria? what nation did austria hungary blame? gavrilo princip, bosnia
what were the main provisions of the treaty 1. league of nations 2. territorial losses 3. military restrictions 4. war guilt clause
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