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Chapter 10

America Claims An Empire

Foraker Act Ended military rule and set up a civil government
Imperialism Where stronger nations extend their economical, political, or military control over weaker territories
Roosevelt Corollary An additional statement that follows logically from the first one
Who were the Rough Riders? Who is known for leading them during the Battle of San Juan Hill? Rough Riders: A volunteer cavalry under the command of Leonard Wood and Teddy Roosevelt. Roosevelt was the one that led them through battle.
How much did the U.S. purchase Alaska from Russia for? 10 million
In what year did the U.S. extend citizenship rights to the residents of Puerto Rico? 1917
What did Teddy mean by "Speak softly and carry a big stick?" How he wants to approach foreign policy
What were some of the major cash industries that caused american investors to take an interest in the kingdom of hawaii during the late 19th century? Sugar
Would the statement "it is not necessary to own people to trade with them" fit best with imperialist or anti imperialist beliefs? Why? Anti-Imperialist
List the provisions of the Platt Amendment 1. Cuba would not go into debt 2. U.S. could buy or lease land for naval and refueling stations 3. Cuba bound itself not to impair their independence by treaty 4. U.S. army would not withdraw until Cuba agrees
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