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Statehood at Last

Kentucky was allowed to become a state with which one condition? They had to write a state constitution.
What was Kentucky's new state name? the Commonwealth of Kentucky
During the writing of the state constitution, what did the slave debate vote? Slavery is legal.
What did the Pinckney Treaty do? It gave Kentuckians free use of the Mississippi River.
What did the Sedition Act say? It is illegal to say bad things about the President of the United States.
What plant was used to make rope or cloth? hemp
These people represent the U.S. in foreign countries. ambassadors
These people work with a teacher to learn a skill. apprentice
What do you call a group of people who vote in a candidate? electors
What do you call large, flat boats that haul goods on rivers? barges
June 1, 1792 Kentucky's statehood day
Who was the first governor of Kentucky? Isaac Shelby
This nearly doubled the size of the United States. the Louisiana Purchase
Who started the Shaker religion? Ann Lee
What was religious excitement in Kentucky called? the Great Revival
What region was added after the War of 1812? Jackson Purchase
After the Jackson Purchase, who lost land? the Chickasaw
When land was added from the Jackson Purchase, which state gained land besides Kentucky? Tennessee
What did the Shakers believe was the best way to show God that they love him? singing, dancing, and working hard
Private citizens built roads across their land. What was the fee called that they charged people to use them? toll
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