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Explorer Vocabulary

People hold a(n) _______ in a jail captive
A base of operations can also be called a(n) _______ outpost
Nations make associations or _________ with other nations alliances
They ________ their base because the French were coming deserted
The ______ island was peaceful and calming remote
The travelers were starving so one of them _______ foraged
The student was learning in the ________ about how to be a priest seminary
The _______ indians like the Comanche fought a lot hostile
A _______ ____ is where items and money can be used to purchase goods trading post
________ are not worth much so the man had to sell them at a low price trinkets
Some indians used _____ to build their homes adobe
The US started with thirteen ________ colonies
The Spaniards that conquered America are called ______________ conquistadors
The Roman ______ had lots of power empire
The explorers went on ____________ to America expeditions
__________ buy and sell goods to people merchants
If you don't like your house you can _______ to another one migrate
The __________ taught christianity to the indians missionary
Some indians lived in _______ pueblos
The two lakes were conected by a ______ strait
The explorer went on a ______ to America voyage
North and South America are in the _______ ________ western hemisphere
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