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beyonce's Congress

Continental Congress

Where did the First Continental Congress meet? Philadelphia, PA.
What did the First Continental Congress agree to boycott? Taxed goods and forming militias.
This petition was sent to King George III to try and create a peaceful resolve for the taxation without representation. What was this petition called? The Olive Branch Petition.
True or False: King George III refused to the petition and saw this action as a revolution. True.
What did King George III declare the colonies? An open rebellion.
Where did the revolution begin? Lexington Green in Massachusetts.
True or False: Most colonists still viewed themselves as British when the idea of independence was first voiced. True.
After meeting the first time, how long did the First Continental Congress decide to wait before meeting again? One year.
Who did the Second Continental Congress choose to pen the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson.
Why didn't South Carolina didn't sign the Declaration? Thomas Jefferson included an entire paragraph about setting the slaves free, and if that happened, South Carolina's economy, along with the rest of the southern states, would plummet.
Created by: nej200824358