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laws created by local, state, and national governments to make sure people have good behaviors
communication used to talk between people, can have many forms like phone, email, newspapers, radio
recreation the use of activities to have fun, connect with others, and stay healthy such as going to the movie or to the park
transportation the use of items like bikes, buses, or cars to move from one place to the next, or travel
government groups of people in charge of creating and keeping rules and peace among people of communities, can be local, state, and national
local government the official of this government is the Mayor
state government the official of this government is the Governor
national government the official of this government is the President
services of the local government what the local government provides to its community member, such as libraries, parks, and roads
3 Branches of Government three branches that are made up of the executive, judicial, and legislative branches
elected community members vote in order to choose a leader
appointed someone placed into a position/ not by a vote
taxes an amount of money taken from citizens in order to help pay for community needs such as paying for mass transit (city buses)
citizen a person who follows the laws, votes, and adds to the good of a community by working and volunteering
equality when people are equal regardless of differences such as skin color or being a boy or girl
fair when something is fair it helps and benefits all people not just a few
unfair when something helps or benefits only a few people and leave others out
volunteerism offering your spare time to help others in need like homeless people, animals, or our enviornent
Consent of the Governed citizens choose leaders in the United States/ the Preamble of the US Constitution "We the People..."
executive branch locally run by the Mayor
legislative branch locally run by the City Council
judicial branch locally run by the Judges of a community
Created by: harperteacher
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