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Plymouth Colony

Who are Separatists? English people that want to separate themselves from the Church of England
Where did Separatists 1st move? Separatists first moved to the Netherlands or Holland
What is the reason for Separatists to travel to Holland? to have religious separation from the Church of England
Why did Separatists leave the Netherlands? they wanted their children to know the English language and ways and not to be like the Dutch people
Who is Captain John Smith? wrote a book that inspired the Separatists to move to America
Who are Pilgrims? English people who made a journey to America for religious freedom
How did the Pilgrims get to America? the Virginia Company received a charter from the king and paid for their journey to America in exchange for fur, fish and lumber
Cape Cod, Massachusetts the shores where the Pilgrims landed in 1620
What is The Mayflower? the name of the ship that took the Pilgrims to America
How was the journey on the Mayflower? it was cramped and people got seasick and died from illnesses; storms blew their ship off course; took 2 months
What was Mayflower Compact? an agreement signed by the Pilgrim men before they got off the ship; it created "just & equal laws" to help them live together peacefully
What does self-ruled government mean? Pilgrims will govern themselves but they will have majority-rule which means more than 1/2 the people have to agree for decisions to be made
Who is William Bradford? the strong, steady leader of the Plymouth Colony for 30 years
What was the 1st winter in Plymouth like? it was very cold; food ran out quickly and about half of the Pilgrims died from diseases and starvation
Who is Squanto? a Native American from the Wampanoags Tribe who spoke English; he taught the colonists how to fish and farm
How were the colonists motivated to work harder so Plymouth could prosper? land was divided among the colonist
What were successful industries for Plymouth Colony? fishing, farming and fur trading
Created by: Mrs. Swiander
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