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Chap. 4-Lundquist

Introducing new crops and languages, sharing food, music and other aspects of African culture are all ways ___________ __________ contributed to life in the colonies. enslaved Africans
Resources that can be made into products are ______ ____________. raw materials
Skilled workers and craftspeople such as blacksmiths, carpenters, and basketmakers are called _______________. artisans
To communicate in colonial America, people wrote letters using paper, ___________, and _________ ______________. ink quill pens
To _______________means to trade one good for another. barter
_________ ___________was a church leader who believed in freedom of religion. He was _____________, or forced to leave the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Roger Williams banished
Roger Williams started a new settlement called________________. Providence
Some ways enslaved people resisted slavery were: burning houses, breaking rules and tools, and stealing food
Geography helped shape the English colonies by: farming, cutting down trees, and weather
An ____________is a product bought from other countries. import
The pattern of weather in a place over a long period of time is called _______________. weather
___________ ______________was a Quaker who sought to maintain peaceful relations with Native Americans. William Penn
A ________________ is someone who owns land or property. proprietor
As a scientist and inventor, ________ _______________ conducted important experiments created useful tools such as bifocals. Ben Franklin
A formal agreement between countries is called a _____________. treaty
The __________ ______________ were worried about settlers taking too much land, wanted to help them, and some were willing to fight them. Native Americans
England controlled trade in the American colonies by making it so: they could only trade with England
A _____________is an area defined by common features or conditions. region
Three kinds of people who occupied the middle class in colonial life were: farmers, shopkeepers, and village artisans
Enslaved people did much of the work on _______________in North and South Carolina where there was good soil for farming. plantations
An ____________ is a product sold to other countries. export
The French and Indian war started in North America because of conflicts over______________. the Ohio River Valley
People who thought countries benefited from trade when they exported more than they imported popularized the economic idea of_____________. mercantilism
An ____________is a military partner. ally
A system in which people are bought and sold as if they were property is called________________. slavery
Cities had more artisans than the countryside because there were more shops and people in the cities and farmland in the country.
_____________ are rebellions by enslaved Africans who fought back. Uprisings
Created by: Mrs. Logan
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