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U.S. History Unit 1

Bacon's Rebellion An uprising by poor English colonists against the governor and his landowning supporters.
Half-Way Covenant church membership for the children of the Puritans, as more of them were born and many grew up w/o a personal covenant.
Salem Witch Trials A series of court hearings, over 150 Massachusetts colonists accused of witchcraft were tried.
New Amsterdam Territory settled by the Dutch and later conquered by the British and renamed New York.
Mercantilism theory influenced British, stated that Earth had a limited supply of wealth in form of natural resources, acquire the most wealth.
Transatlantic Trade Trade between Britain and the colonies with resources and slave
Middle Passage sea voyage that carried Africans to North America, the middle portion of a three-way voyage made by the slave ships.
Benjamin Franklin One of the world’s leading authors, philosophers, scientists, inventors, and politicians during the 1700s.
Social Mobility Wanting to rise in society.
The Great Awakening revival in 1730s-40s in northeastern colonies where Ministers said people would feel God’s love only if they admitted their sins.
Virginia Company An English firm that planned to make money by sending people to America to find gold and other valuable natural resources and then ship the resources back to England.
House Of Burgesses The first European-type legislative body in the New World - it was similar to England's Parliament.
Powhatan A notable Native American chieftain in the Virginia region.
King Philip's War A bloody conflict named after the leader of the Native Americans between Puritan colonists and Native Americans.
Quebec First permanent French settlement in North American.
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