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for mr.stalkers india quizlet

Hinduism The major religion of India.
Monsoon A season wind system that produces wet and dry seasons.
Subcontinent A large landmass that is part of a continent, yet is considered a separate region or entity.
Representative Democracy (Republic) India's government type
Population The number of people living in a nation or region.
1.China 2.India 3.U.S. 4.Indonesia The 4 most populated nations in the world.
India The world's largest democracy.
Colonization / Imperialism The act of settling a group of people in a new place. At the height of the UK' power, it's colonies spanned the globe.
Castes Social classes that were once a strong component of India's culture.
Bindi The dot traditionally worn on the forehead Hindu people. It is traditionally displayed by married women. Both men and women may wear the dot in belief that it accentuates the third eye for meditation purposes.
Buddhism The religion that is an offshoot of Hinduism and is based on the teachings of a man known as "the enlightened one."
Taj Mahal The beautiful memorial tomb that was built for the wife of Shan Jahan. It is one of the most famous and most frequently visited buildings in the world.
Himalayas The Mountain Range which contains the world's tallest mountain peak.
Mohandas Gandhi The Indian leader who used nonviolent methods to seek independence from Great Britain.
Muslim League Muslims within the INC feared that the Hindu majority would treat them unfairly after India gained independence. Demanded to the UK that India be partitioned into two independent countries. One Muslim nation and one Hindu nation.
Muslim Pakistan and Hindu India When Great Britain granted India independence in 1947, India was split into...
Created by: Savannahfr10
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