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Chapter 5 Review

Baron von Steuden went to Valley Forge & taught American soldiers how to fight & use weapons
Great Britain & France claimed land that is today Western PA
Stamp Act placed a tax on all paper things that were sold in the colonies
Fort Pitt built where Fort Duquesne was burned down
Common Sense a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine that gave reason why the colonies should separate from Britain
Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence
Edward Braddock British general that was defeated & killed in French & Indian War
Haym Salomon banker, loaned money to the Continental Congress
Half King Seneca chief who was a guide for the British
John Dickinson wrote to King George to try to solve their differences
Ben Franklin went to France to ask for help to fight the British
Anthony Wayne a brave general, nicknamed "Mad Anthony"
Betsy Ross we believe George Washington asked her to help design & sew the 1st American flag
Molly Pitcher carried water to soldiers during the Battle of Monmouth
George Washington leader of the Continental Army, his winter camp was in Valley Forge
tax money people pay to the government
Great Runaway when scared settlers fled from Native Americans & Loyalist who were attacking them in Wyoming Valley
minutemen men who are willing to fight with a minutes notice
Created by: mfreywes4