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Jefferson Test

two parties that were in the election of 1800 Federalist and Democratic-Republican
leader of the Federalists (election of 1800) John Adams
leader of the Democratic-Republicans (election of 1800) Thomas Jefferson
who won the election of 1800 Thomas Jefferson
number of votes that Jefferson received 73
number of votes Adams received 65
number of votes Burr received 73
According to the Constitution, __________ had to choose between the two candidates House of Representatives
convinced the Federalist House members to vote for Jefferson Alexander Hamilton
Federal Judiciary Act of 1801 Adams, on his last days of office, appointed many Federalist judges
Judicial Review Supreme court has the power to review a law to see if its constitutional or not
Marbury VS Madison court case where Madison refused to appoint Marbury as the new Justice of Peace
Marbury VS Madison was ruled _______ unconstitutional
what did Marburr VS Madison create Judicial Review, and balance between the 3 branches of government
dilemma that Jefferson faced when purchasing the LA Territory debated whether it was constitutional
amount of money that Napoleon Bonaparte recieved for the LA Territory $15 Million
Which way did the LA Purchase expand the U.S. Westward
did TJ accept the offer with Napoleon yes
Knowledge that Louis and Clark discover during their expedition scientific and geographical knowledge, and the Native American life
what were Louis and Clark looking for Northwest Passage and a direct water route to the Pacific
name the goals of the Louis and Clark Expedition mapping rivers, developing friendly relations with the Natives, developing trade in that region, looking for the Northwest Passage, learning about plant and animal life,
Sacajawea served as a ___________ guide and translator
natives aided the Expedition by acting as guides across the Rocky Mts, providing horses, supplying shelter
election of 1804 12th amendment ratified, voting for president and vice president are separate
Jefferson ran against _______ in the election of 1804 Charles Pinckey
Aaron Burr promised a powerful group of New England Federalists that _______ New York would secede from the Union if he was elected
purpose for Zebulon Pike's expedition to explore the southern part of the LA Territory and locate local water sources of the Arkansas's and Red Rivers
Mountain that is nicknamed Pike's Peak Rocky Mountains
Never found the Red River, and came across the _____ River instead Rio Grande
Crossed over into Spanish Territory and were released in 1807
accomplishments of the Zebulon Pike's Expedition scientific and geographical knowledge of the Great Plains and the Rio Grande River Valley
define Embargo Act of 1807 withheld U.S. goods to force France and Britain to respect their nuetrality
_______ caused the Embargo Act British held 6,000 American sailors and impressed them aboard British ships
The Embargo Act backfired because ______ sailors and shipbuilders lost jobs and farmers crops rotted while waiting to be exported
Congress repealed the Embargo Act on ______ 3/1/1809, 3 days before Jefferson left office
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