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Jefferson Test

A Study Guide for the Thomas Jefferson Test

What precedent was set in the election of 1800? If there is a tie in the electoral college, the vote goes to the HoR.
How many times did the HoR vote (and tie) on the president in the 1800 election before a consensus was reached? 35 Times
Who was the Chief Justice that Adams appointed in his Midnight Appointments? John Marshall
Who was the Justice of the Peace that Adams appointed in his Midnight Appointments? John Marbury
What was John Adams' spiteful action securing Federalist beliefs in government after his losing the election? The Midnight Appointments
What Cabinet Secretary refused to abide by one of Adams' Midnight Appointments? James Madison
What Judicial Power dictates whether the Supreme Court can interpret a law to be unconstitutional or not? Judicial Review
Who was planning to sell the Louisiana Purchase? to Jefferson for $15M? Napoleon
Because of Jefferson's agrarian beliefs, he wanted America to be a nation of... Self-Sufficient Farmers
What were the Corps of Discovery's goals when traversing the northern half of the Louisiana Purchase? Map rivers, make peace with the Natives, look for a waterway from the East Coast to the Pacific, and study plant/animal life.
Who served as the Corps of Discovery's guide and translator? Sacajawea
What did Sacajawea do for Lewis and Clark's team because she was a Native American? She made encounters with Natives more peaceful.
What did the 12th Amendment do? It allowed the Electoral College to vote separately for President and Vice-President.
What did Aaron Burr promise in attempt to secure winning the NY Governorship? Secession from the Union.
Why did Hamilton and Burr duel in Weehawken, NJ? There were strict anti-dueling laws in NY, both of their home state.
What was the purpose of Zebulon Pike's exploration? To explore the southern half of the the Louisiana Purchase.
What territory did Pike's team wander into? Spanish Territory
What was the act that withheld U.S. trade to France and Britain? The Embargo Act of 1807
Why did the Embargo Act of 1807 backfire? Sailors & Shipbuilders lost their jobs.
Created by: AedanLynxx