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Thomas Jefferson

For the Jefferson test on 1/23/18

What part of congress is the tie breaker for the electoral college? The House of Representatives
Who got involved in order to break the tie in the House of Representatives during the Election of 1800? Alexander Hamilton
What two democratic-republicans tied during the Election of 1800? Aaron Burr & Thomas Jefferson
Who won the election of 1800? Thomas Jefferson
Who did John Adams appoint as Chief Justice during the Midnight Appointments? John Marshal
Jefferson loved what country's architecture so much that he incorporated it into Monticello? French
What branch of the government was MOST effected by the midnight appointments? Judiciary
What court case set the presedent of Judaical Review? Marbury v. Madison
What is Judicial Review? The Supreme Court's power to declare the actions of the other branches of government unconstitutional
Why was Jefferson apprehensive about when given the offer for the LA territory? There was no precedent set by Washington or Adams on buying land of that size and wondered if it was unconstitutional
True or False: One of Lewis and Clark's goals during their expedition was to befriend the natives? True
What was Sacajawea's two main jobs on the expedition? Guide and Translator
What amendment prevented the issues from the election of 1800 from happening again? The 12th Amendment
Who killed Alexander Hamilton? Aaron Burr
What was the purpose of Zebulon Pike's expedition? To explore the southern part of the LA territory, and locate water sources
What did the Embargo Act do? Ended US trade with Britain and France
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