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Jefferson Test

Helps review for the Thomas Jefferson Test!

How many electoral votes did Jefferson and Adams receive in the Election of 1800? Jefferson - 73 votes; Adams - 65 votes
What happened that was strange in the election? Aaron Burr received the same amount of electoral votes as Jefferson.
What caused Jefferson to win the campaign? Hamilton wanted citizens to vote for Jefferson instead of Burr; thought Burr was an inexperienced leader.
True or False: Jefferson established the principle of judicial review based on the case "Marbury vs. Madison". False - John Marshall, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, established judicial review.
How did Marshall empower the federal court system? uses checks and balances to limit power of the government, Federalist justices were appointed, etc.
True or False: Supreme Court has the power to interpret the Constitution. True
What did Lewis and Clark fail to discover in their expedition? A water route to the Pacific Ocean
What was the importance of Sacajawea? She helped communicate with the Native Americans, developed relations with them, and helped them explore the land.
True or False: Lewis and Clark discovered the Rocky Mountains and failed to climb it. False - Zebulon Pike; The mountain peak is named: Pike's Peak.
Who was Sacajawea's brother? Cameahwait, the Shoshone chief
Why was the Louisiana Purchase important? It allowed the U.S. nation to double its size and would lead to scientific discoveries.
Who sold the Louisiana Territory to Jefferson? Napoleon
What were the benefits of acquiring the Louisiana Territory? free passage to the Mississippi River, a need for a strong government, etc.
What kind of nation did Jefferson want for the U.S.? a nation full of small, independent farmers
True or False: Jefferson reduced public debt by reducing the size of government workers and the military. False; reduced public debt by using money from tariffs and land sales.
True or False: Jefferson believed that there should be less government in American lives. True
What did Burr wanted to do as NY governor if he was elected? Would join MA and leave the union to make a new Federalist country.
What was the outcome of the duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton? Hamilton did not intend to shoot anyone, but he shot by accident. Burr commenced attack on him and shot him.
After Hamilton's death, what did Burr wish to do with the Louisiana Territory? He wanted to conquer the land as its emperor.
What were the charges of Burr after killing Hamilton? Charged for murder in New York and New Jersey; charged for treason; both charges ended up acquitted.
What amendment was ratified in the Election of 1804 to avoid the same problem in the last election? 12th Amendment; allowed electors to vote for the president and vice president independently.
Who were the two candidates that ran for President? Thomas Jefferson - Democratic-Republican; Charles Pinckney - Federalist
What was the purpose of Zebulon Pike's Expedition? to explore the southern part of the Louisiana Territory; to find water sources of the Arkansas and Red Rivers.
What river did the explorers find instead of the Red River? Rio Grande River; crossed over Spanish territory
What happened to trade before the Embargo Act of 1807 was established? Britain and France was at war causing Europe to lose trade with the U.S.
What were the names of the American and British ships after the attack? Chesapeake - American ship; Leopard - British ship
How did Jefferson attempt neutrality after the American ship was attacked? The Embargo Act of 1807; He closed all American markets and cut off sales of American supplies.
True or False: The Embargo Act of 1807 did not succeed. True
True or False: Jefferson ran for a third term, but he was not re-elected. False - He retired after his second term and he did not wish to run for a third term.
What was the name of Jefferson's home? the Monicello
Created by: hp0811



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