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Jefferson Test

The Best Jefferson study guide in the universe.

What happened during the presidential election of 1800? Both Aaron Burr and Thomas Jefferson got 73 votes, so the house had to step in. After 35 ties, Alexander Hamilton finally got Thomas Jefferson to win.
What were Midnight Appointments and why were they so important? After losing the election, John Adams began to appoint as many federalist judges as possible. This would insure that the Federalists would still control the office, even if there wasn't a Federalist president.
What was the Judicial Review and how was it established? It was established after the Marbury Vs. Madison case. It allowed the Supreme Court to review law cases and decide if it was unconstitutional or not. It also put some balance into the 3 branches of government.
Explain the dilemma that Jefferson faced when presented with the possibility of acquiring the Louisiana Territory and how this came to be. When the French offered the Louisiana Territory for $15 Mil. he didn't know if it was constitutional or not since buying land was not in the constitution, so he set a precedent by buying the land.
What knowledge did Lewis & Clark discover on their expedition? They mapped landmarks such as the rivers and mountains, developed friendly relations and trades with the natives, found that there was no direct river route from the east coast to the west, and they recorded new plants and animals that were not found east
What impact did Sacajawea have on the Lewis and Clark exedition? She was their guide and translator. She helped them survive in the region and translated for them with the natives.
What allowed the election of 1804 to avoid the same problems that occurred in the election of 1800 The 12 amendment made it so the president and vice president were voted for separately, allowing them to avoid the same problem.
Describe the duel between Burr and Hamilton. They both hated each other, so when they sabotaged each other in their elections, that was the last straw. Burr wanted to duel, and Hamilton complied. When the duel came, Hamilton purposely missed, but Burr, not thinking about the consequences, didn't.
what was the purpose and outcome of Zebulon Pike's Expedition? Their purpose was to find the sources of the Arkansas and Red River. They found the source of the Red River, and that brought them to the Rocky Mountains, one of which bears the name Pike's Peak.
Describe the Embargo Act and how it came to be. The British captured American ships and impressed 1000's of American Sailors into the British Navy. When Britain refused to apologize the America, Jefferson created the Embargo Act to prevent trade with Europe. This backfired on America by closing ports.
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