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Louis & Clark Guide

What was weird during the 1800 election? Aaron Burr and Thomas Jefferson earned the same amount of votes.
Why did Aaron Burr hate Alexander Hamilton so much? Alexander convinced some of the Federalist House members to vote for Jefferson. Making Aaron Burr lose the election.
What did Aaron Burr and Hamilton do during their duel? Aaron Burr aimed his gun and shot Hamilton with no remorse. While Hamilton purposedly missed Aaron and did not shoot.
Who did Adams appoint as Court Chief Justice and Justice of the Peace? Adams appointed John Mashall and John Marbury.
What caused the Supreme Court case of Marbury v. Madison? James madison refused to honor John Adams Midnight Appointment.
What did Lewis and Clark discover about the Natvie American's life? They gained a geographical and scientific knowledge of the Native Americans.
What was their main goal for the Louis and Clark expedition? Their main goal was to find a direct route to the Pacific Ocean.
What were som side goals that they also had? Develope Trade in region, develope a friendly relationship with the Natives, Map rivers.
What tribe is Sacajawea from? Sacajawea is from the Sgoshone tribe.
What did she do for Louis and Clark? She was a guide and a translator for her people and the entire expedition.
Without Sacajawea's help what wouldn't Louis and Clark have during the expedition? They would not have horses, supplys for the team, and posibly shelter.
What was created to prevent the pittfall of 1800 election from happening to the 1804 election? It was the 12th Amendment which allowed the Electors to vote for President and Vice-President.
Who won the 1804 Election. Jefferson was the winner due to his popularity
What was heppening between 1803-1812? British citizens kidnapped a total of 6,000 Amerivsn sailors and impressed them aboard their ships.
What did Jefferson do to fight back? He convnced Congress to authorize the Embargo Act of 1807.
What happend when Jefferson created this act? It backfired causing sailors and shipbuilders to lose their jobs, farmers crops rotting in storages.
What did congress do before Jefferson left office. They repealed the Act three days before hand to get it out of the way.
Created by: R.kelly