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Jefferson Study Guide

Who was the tie in 1800 between? Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr.
Who convinced the Federalists to vote for Jefferson? Alexander Hamilton.
Who did the Midnight Appointments? John Adams.
What were the Midnight Appointments? Adams appoints many Federalist federal justices.
What's the Judicial Review? The Supreme Court has the power to review if a law is unconstitutional or not.
How was the Judicial Review made? Marbury v.Madison, when James Madison refused to honor John Adams Midnight Appointments.
Who wanted to sell Jefferson Louisiana? Napoleon for $15 Million.
Why was Jefferson unsure about purchasing Louisiana? It was not stated in the Constitution, and no other president had done it.
What were Lewis and Clark's goals? 1.mapping rivers 2.developing friendly relations with Natives 3.developing trade in region 4.looking for direct waterway to Pacific Ocean 5. Learning about plant & animal life
What knowledge did Lewis and Clark gain? They gained scientific and geographical knowledge
What did Sacajawea do to help Lewis and Clark? She was a guide and translator.
How was Sacajawea a guide and translator to Lewis and Clark? She lead them into shelter, and knew the native language.
In the election of 1804 how did they avoid the same conflict as 1800? The 12th amendment was added and allowed the president to picked their VP.
Who won the election of 1804? Thomas Jefferson.
Why did Hamilton and Burr duel? It was a lot built up over time but what set Burr off was Hamilton causing Burr not to become president.
What happened during and after the duel? During: Hamilton shot into the air, Burr shot Hamilton. After: Hamilton died the next day
Created by: LordEdgy825



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