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Jeffersons test

Study for the test !

1. Explain what happened when electing the US President during the Election of 1800. Candidates/Electoral votes: John Jay (1), Charles Pinckney (64), John Adams (65), Aaron Burr (73) & Thomas Jefferson (73). Tie created desire for both Burr & Jefferson to become president. Constitution states House will decide a tie by Electoral College
2. What were Midnight Appointments and what was important about them? . In his last days in office, through the Federal Judiciary Act of 1801, Adams appoints many Federalist federal justices, most notably John Marshall as the Supreme Court Chief Justice & John Marbury as the Justice of the Peace in Washington, DC.
3. What is Judicial Review and how was it established? Judicial Review was established in Supreme Court case, Marbury v. Madison, when James Madison refused to honor John Adams Midnight Appointment.
4. Explain the dilemma that Jefferson faced when presented with the possibility of acquiring the Louisiana Territory and how this came to be. Problem: since purchasing land to increase size of U.S. not stated in Constitution, Jefferson was unsure if he had power to buy land from Napoleon for $15 M, but it offered U.S. opportunity to expand westward.
5. What knowledge did Lewis & Clark discover during their expedition? They acquired scientific & geographical knowledge and information about Native American life while trying to find the Northwest Passage & a direct water route to the Pacific Ocean.
6. What impact did Sacajawea have on the Lewis & Clark Expedition? Without Sacajawea (from Shoshone tribe) encounters with the Native Americans Natives aided the expedition by acting as guides across the Rocky Mts., providing horses, & during the winter, supplying shelter for the team.
7. What allowed the Election of 1804 avoid the same pitfalls experienced during the Election of 1800? During the Election of 1800 the candidate who received the most Electoral votes would become president with the runner-up would become vice-president.
8. Describe the duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton. Quite bitter after losing the election to Jefferson in 1800 due to Hamilton, from NY, who did not want his home state to leave the Union & began working against Burr once again Burr challenged Hamilton to a duel, killing Hamilton in the process.
9. What was the purpose and outcome of Zebulon Pike’s Expedition? Purpose of 2nd team’s expedition: to explore the southern region of the Louisiana Territory & locate water sources of Arkansas & Red Rivers.
10. Describe the situation that led to the Embargo Act of 1807. Between 1803-1812: British kidnapped 6,000 American sailors Jefferson remained neutral Jefferson fought back by convincing Congress to authorize the Embargo Act of 1807-which withheld U.S. goods to force France & Britain to respect U.S.’ neutrality.
Created by: theylovesiahh_
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