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Jefferson Test

Thomas Jefferson test review

What problem occured in the election of 1800? There was a tie for who would be president
What were midnight appointments? When John Adams appointed justices right before his time was president was up
What is Judicial Review? When the supreme court reviews old cases/laws/amendments to see if they're constitutional.\
How was Judicial Review established? It was created because James Madison didn't agree with John Adams midnight appointments
What information was gathered during the Lewis & Clark expedition? Scientific/geographical information about Native life
What impact did Sacajawea have on the Lewis & Clark expedition? She was their guild/interpreter
What was established to stop a repeat of the Election of 1800? The 12th amendment was added- separated the election for president and VP
What caused the duel between Burr and Hamilton? Burr wanted revenge on Hamilton for campaigning for Jefferson causing Burr to loose the election
What was the purpose of the Zebulon Pike expedition? To explore the south side of the LA territory
What did the Zebulon Pike expedition accomplish? Brought back scientific/geographical information which the U.S. didn't yet have
What led to the Embargo act? The British kidnapped 6,000 American sailors
What was the Embargo act? When American ports closed- no trade happened with Britain/France
What about the Embargo act backfired? America had too many crops which went to waste/ many Americans were out of jobs
Created by: m.rose514



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