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Grade 7 Social Final

Grade 7 Social Final Exam Study Guide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the importance of natural resources in Canada's story? Pop. rises( People come for resources such as gold and furs), Fur trade( Without resources there would be no trade), Survival(food and water)
How did First Nations use the land? Hunted and fished for survival (mostly buffalo)
How did immigrants use the land? Mining and farming (gold was found in BC and government encouraged immigrants to farm)
What did the government of Canada buy in 1869? Canada bought Rupert land from the HBC
How was Canada's land marked? Every 1.6 kilometers they planted an iron post and every 5 kilometers they build a small hill
Where was the Whoop up country built? on Cypress hills southern saskatchewan and alberta.
Describe the problems with the wolves. USA whiskey traders poisoned meat and left it lying around so that wolves will eat it and die too. Successful but FN's dogs ate it too and died. They became enemies and fought.
What were the duties of the North West mounted police? -Show USA that Canada controlled the territory -Shield aboriginal people from American outlaws -help newcomers adjust to the frontier -keep peace between the FNs and the newcomers
What was the Cypress hill Massacre? Nakota people were camping on Cypress hill, American wolfers came. They thought they stole their horses but they didn't. Americans ambushed the camp and killed 36 people.
Describe difficulties of NWMP on the great march west. Food supply ran low, horses died (lack of water), people got lost
Did Edmonton have a NWMP? Yes it was called fort Edmonton...........................................
What are the roles of the NWMP -Cleared whiskey traders -arrested lawbreakers -Delivered mail -Fought grass fires and assisted new farmers. -Fought in second Metis uprising in 1885
`What are three prongs of John A. MacDonald's national policy? -Transport Policy( Railway across continent) -Immigration policy(encourage farmers to populate the west) -economic policy(Build strong national economy for Canadians)
What was the transcontinental railway? A railway that extends across the content.
Describe the choice of rout for the railway. -Land is flatter with fewer trees -Coal deposits near lethbridge, AB (Fuel) -close to boarder(People would take the Canadian railway not American's -Railway company owned land so they would keep most profits -Scientists said area good for farming
What were the difficulties of building the railway? Money, Flies, cold, slept in piles of hay filled with fleas and rats
Describe the land survey division process. -Divided land into large chunks (townships) -townships divided into 36 squares (sections) -sections divided into four quarter sections. (4)
Why did the french explorers look for land in the west? Trade routes and expansion
Why did people want to expand? Economics( fishing in NFLD, wanted to spread religion, Curiosity of what was further, Competitions between other countries)
Who is Jacques Cartier? Why is he important? What happened with him and the Haudenosaunee? He is a french explorer who is the first in Canada. Trying to get to China he discovered Canada and tried to set up a colony. He met the Haudenosaunee and they taught him how to cure scurvy.He stole their land, Chiefs sons, and Chief
What did Samuel De Champlain do? Why is he important? He came to Canada and tried a second attempt to set up a colony in Canada.
Why is the region and the people of Acadia important? The land was a great place for military power. The people are important because they have a unique identity.Fertile land
Why did people want to live i the colony of new france? -Taxes were lower(king paid for things) -More freedoms(more space) -People were expected to contribute to the new colony. The Catholic church ran schools, Hospitals, and cared for the poor
What is mercantilism? an economic system that allowed an imperial country to become rich by selling the resources taken from its colony
Why is colonizing America Important? -Economy -competition -Quality of life -Religious freedom
What are the thirteen colonies? They are Massachusetts,Connecticut, Rhode island, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia (NMCR, NPND, MVNSG)
Were the 13 colonies beneficial to economy? Were they successful? Very successful.Economy was better( Farming is more stable then trapping)
What were the Mi'kmaq worried about british? Allied with French(British doesn't like them)
Who is involved in the fur trade? What did they trade? Who did this benefit? FNs, Metis, Canadiens, and British. They traded , pots, knives, copper wire, guns,fur(fox, marten, otter, bear, linx, muskrat, wolf, beaver).Benefited Everyone
What are three key players in the fur trade? FNs, Merchants, Coureurs De Bois & voyagers
How did the FNs help the Europeans? Helped them be apart of fur trade and survive in BNA.
What is the Royal Proclamation of 1763 New France- Quebec, British laws and courts instead of french, interior set aside for FNs, Civil government replaced military one, Gov.- governor appointed by Britain, council of advisers,Catholic church lost tithe, Canadiens assimilated
What is the Quebec act, 1774? Canadiens accomidation
Who is involved in the 7 year war? What is the cause? British and French. Wanted land & resources
How did the 7 years war end? What was decided? :3 British won and got land (Treaty of Paris)
Why was there a rebellion in the 13 colonies? What did they want? What was the outcome? The American's wanted to be free from the British rule. They fought for independence. The outcome was a tie. They made the border on the 49 parallel line.
What is the treaty of Ghent? What was decided from this treaty? Was the outcome fair to everybody? The treaty of Ghent ended the war of 1812 in December of 1814. everyone got their land back and they decided a border. The outcome was fair to everyone but the FNs.
Who is Laura Secord? Why is she important? She prevented an American sneak attack. She walked 32 kilometers to warn the Canadians (to be) outpost.
Who is Tecumseh? Why is he important? He is the leader of the Shawnee.(FNs group) He fought alongside the British against the Americans. He led the biggest army of FNs in the great Lakes region.
Who is General brock? Why is he important? He led the British army at Queen stone Heights where he also died.
What is the treaty of Paris? Cause and Effect? It ended the 7 years war. The cause and affect of this is British now owned the land and French did not.
What is the great migration? Why did people come to Canada? What was happening in Britain? It is a time when more than 800,000 immigrants came to Canada east. They came because Farmers are being forced off land, Poverty and hunger, Ireland suffered famine, ocean travel safe, colonies offered free land Britain pop. was growing, jobs were scarce.
Why were tensions rising in BNA? What ended up happening? The people thought the new gov. was unfair. Started two rebellions in upper and lower Canada led by Papineau and Mackenzie who after fled to USA. Durham's report was created and they achieved responsible gov.
What happened in the rebellion in Lower Canada? What was the outcome? Papineau led this group whom created the ninety two resolutions to bring to the assembly. Gov. rejected and fight started. They failed and Papineau fled to USA
What was the rebellion in upper Canada? What was the outcome? Mackenzie led this group whom created the 7th report on grievances after he led a army of 700 and fought. He lost and flad to Quebec.
What is lord Durham's report? The report was to address the reason for the rebellions it consisted of suggestions to: unite upper and lower Canada and to grant colonies responsible gov.
What is good about uniting upper and lower Canada? What is bad? What are three factors of confederation? Less rebellions, could be stronger but also people very different . Factors of confederation are political deadlock (people not considered as much, a place more people), Shifting trade partners (People tied with Britain), Defending BNA(USA)
Would confederation help the Maritimes? End result? Railroad- everyone but PEI, NFLD wanted to stay tied with Britain, everyone else agreed mostly cause of railroad
How was the capital chosen? Was it a good or bad choice? Queen Victoria chose it. It was Bytown later renamed to Ottawa. Good choice( surrounded by rivers, trade routs good location from USA, between Canada East and west.) People were surprised by choice.
When did Canada become a country? July 1st, 1867
Who was able to vote in 1800 People over 21, people who owned land, men, not FNs( did not belie in owning land ), single women could not vote and mostly didn't own land.
Who are the Metis? Why are they important? Children of FNs women and European men. they are important because they know many different languages and without them there would be no Manitoba.
What languages did the Metis speak? French, English, multiple FN languages, and Michif
What was the Metis economy made of? Farming, fur trade, hunting buffalo,
Who is lord Selkirk? What did he do? What are some conflicts the Metis and the HBC had? He is a Scottish nobleman who bought land from HBC, close to where the Metis were. Metis did not legally own land but made Louis Riel translate for them to leave. The Metis are not Allies with HBC
What is the red river resistance? What is the result for FNs and Metis? What did they fear About language & religion? Red river resistance is a resistance to defend their land and religion they feared would be taken away if people moved to their land.
Who is Louis Riel? What did he do? He was the leader of the resistance. Who led them in arms. He later on got banished from Canada because of treason for 5 years
What is the difference between a resistance and a rebellion? A resistance is to defend and a rebellion is to attack.
What is the Metis bill of rights? Metis joined Canada but as a separate colony.
Who is Thomas Scott? What happened to him? Who Got angry? What happened to louis Riel? He was an Ontarian who Riel killed for threatening them. Ontarians got angry. second rebellion. Riel was hung.
Why was there a Metis uprising in 1885? What happened to them in this time? Why couldn't they sign treaties with gov.? People were worried about them being assimilated( lots of newcomers). Also many faced starvation and poverty. Many left and after they started a resistance. The gov. ignored their warnings until after the rebellion was over.
What did the Manitoba act contain? Manitoba has its own provincial gov., French and English would be used, four members to house of commons and two members to Senate. Two funded school systems(Protestants and Catholic),Area set aside for Metis, NR in province that is unclaimed is Ottawa's
What did Canada change Rupert's land to? North West Territories.
What did the Gov. make in 1870? They made the USA and Canada border.
What was happening in the Whoop-up country? Illegal alcohol being sold, poisoning dead buffalo to catch wolves-FNs dogs also killed, the mounted police were made to show USA Canada controlled the land, shield FNs from American outlaws, help newcomers adjust, and to keep peace
What is the great march west? Where did they end up? It is when the police went west they established forts called Macleod, Lethbridge, Walsh, Edmonton and Brisebois
Why was the railroad created? Why did Canada want BC to join conferation? Why is it important to own all of Canada? It was created for transportation. Canada wanted BC to join conf. because the same reason its important to own the rest of the land; Canada would get all of the profit of the railway.
Why was building the railway hard? Swamps, bridges, rocks
Why were the Chinees important in building the railway? What happened to them after? The Chinese did all the dangerous work. Many died and after it was built they were treated poorly.
Who are the Ontarians, Mennonites, and Ice landers? Icelanders are immigrants who came to Canada because a volcano they farmed. Ontarians-came from Ontario to farm. Mennonites- They came to Canada to not have to fight they are also good farmers
How was farming with the FNs? Most of land was bad, wasn't given equipment, nobody taught them, couldn't buy equipment, hard time selling crops.
What did the railroad bring to Canada? Grain instead of furs, farming instead of hunting buffalo, pop. increase, railway instead of canoes and carts.
What is Chinese head tax? Why was it created? It made it so that Chinese had to pay to get into Canada. It was created because it made it so Chinese could not live here.
what was a big demand in BC? gold
Why did FNs and gold miners not get along? They scared away the FNs fish.
When did BC join confederation? 1871
What made BC join confederation? Canada pays them, railroad, Canada pays dept.
Why did PEI join confederation? Railway in PEI, 6 MPs in house of commons
When was Saskatchewan and Alberta made 1905
How was Alberta and Saskatchewan's capitals chosen? PM chose Edmonton and Regina was the obvious choice
What was happening with the FNs during the provinces joining confederation? residential schools, assimilation
What was the great depression in NFLD? Economy collapsed, people poor
What happened during the world war with NFLD? Pop rise, richer, became a place for military-farther away.
When did NFLD join confederation? 1949
what happened after NFLD joined confederation? Forestry and Iron mines grew, fishing stoped no cod, TransCanada highway reached them.
Created by: Kali MH



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