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Unit 5

1st 3 Presidents

Define Precedent: Something someone does for the first time
What do Americans call the President of the United States? Mr. President
How many terms did George Washington serve? 2
Why was Washington a great President? He served 2 terms and chose a great cabinet
What is another word for agrarian? agriculture
To not choose sides in a conflict is to be: neutral
How did Washington recommend America act when other countries went to war? To always be neutral
What 2 political parties were created in the late 1700s? Federalists and Anti-Federalists
What political party did Washington belong too? Federalist
Who are the advisers to the president? His cabinet
Why are Knox, Jefferson and Hamilton special to Washington? They all belonged to his cabinet
Who is the Father of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
Who is the Father of the Economy? Alexander Hamilton
Who is the Father of the Country? George Washington
Who is the Father of the Constitution? James Madison
What rebellion proved the Constitution worked? The Whiskey Rebellion
What rebellion proved the Articles of Confederation was weak? Shays' Rebellion
Who was the 1st Secretary of War? Henry Knox
Who was the 1st Secretary of the Treasury? Alexander Hamilton
Who was the 1st Secretary of State? Thomas Jefferson
What is the Department of War called today? Department of Defense
What political party favored big, strong, powerful government? Federalists
Who could BEST be called an Anti-Federalist? Jefferson
What political party wanted America to have an industrial economy? Federalists
What political party wanted people to become gentlemen farmers? Anti-federalists
What political party favored strong states and a weak national government? Anti-Federalists
What person can best be called a Federalist? Hamilton
Who believed that poor people were too stupid to participate in government? Hamilton
A person who loves the British: Anglophile
A person who loves the French: Francophile
How did Hamilton die? He was shot by a gun during a duel
Who killed Hamilton? The Vice President
Where was Hamilton murdered? Weehawken NJ
What is the nickname of New Jersey? The Garden State
How many industrial areas are there in New Jersey? three
Where does the Jersey Devil live? The Pine Barrens
What town did Hamilton create? Paterson
Why does New Jersey have the nickname that it does? Because New Jersey has many areas where fruit and vegetables are grown
Why did Hamilton want to create an industrial town in New Jersey? Because New Jersey had a waterfall that could be used for energy
What is the name of the Jersey Devil's mother? Mother Leeds
Who were XYZ? French people who wanted a bribe from the U.S. government
What is another word for "alien"? immigrant
What President did not like aliens? John Adams
Define sedition: To criticize the president or government
What does the Sedition Act go against? the 1st Amendment
Define repeal: To end
What American President was a Francophile? Thomas Jefferson
What American was an Anglophile? Hamilton
Choose the answer with the Presidents in correct order: Washington, Adams, Jefferson
What President served only 1 term? John Adams
What man was never president? Hamilton
What 2 men hated each other? Jefferson and Hamilton
During the wars between France and England what was happening to American sailors? They were kidnapped by the British
What law did Jefferson pass in 1807 to protect American sailors? The Embargo Act
What did the Embargo Act declare? No American ships could leave American waters
What did the Embargo Act do to the American economy? It made it go down
Define Urban: cities
Define unconstitutional: illegal
What is a tariff? A tax on foreign goods
How many TERMS as President did John Adams serve one
What President bought Louisiana? Jefferson
What country was Louisiana bought from? France
Who was the ruler who sold Louisiana to America? Napoleon
How much did the Louisiana Purchase cost? 15 million dollars
What did the Louisiana Purchase do to the size of America? Doubled it
What river runs from EAST to WEST in the purchase? Missouri River
Who searched the Louisiana Purchase? Lewis and Clark
Created by: rsweeney
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