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Unit 5 SG

Spiritual A religious folk song that sent secret messages.
Sectionalism Loyal to your religion even though your country is doing something different.
Abolition The movement to end slavery.
Factory System Brought many workers under one roof.
Underground Railroad A series of escape trails for runaway slaves.
Interchangeable Parts Extra parts in case a machine breaks down.
Cotton Gin A fast machine that picked out the seeds in cotton.
Monroe Doctrine States that the Americas are closed to colonization.
Nationalism The feeling of pride towards your country.
Robert Fulton Given credit for inventing the steam boat.
Samuel Slater Englishmen who brings the secrets of the textile mills to America.
Sojourner Truth A speaker known as the "grandmother" of slavery.
Samuel FB Morse Invented the telegraph.
John Deere Invented the first steel plow.
Nat Turner An African American who believed God wanted to free slaves in any way possible.
Frederick Douglass An Ex-slave who escaped and became an abolitionist speaker.
William Lloyd Garrison An Abolitionist who published a newspaper called The Liberator.
Harriet Tubman A former slave who became the biggest conductor of the underground railroad.
Cyrus McCormick Invented the grain reaper, making harvesting wheat faster.
Explain the Missouri Compromise 1. Missouri= slaves 2. Maine= free 3. North would be banned from the parallel line.
Why were so many of the first factories in New England? Many big cities were there, they could produce more product.
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