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Early Colonies

English in America

Why does England want some of the wealth of America? Spain had been getting rich on gold, silver and lead and France was richer from fur trading
What resources did England use to get richer? built fast ships and good sailors
How did England steal treasure from Spain? with the queen's support they used pirate ships to attack Spanish ships carrying treasures; the treasures were given to England
Sir Francis Drake most famous sea dog (captain of a pirate ship) and captain of the 2nd crew to sail around the world
What was the biggest stolen Spanish treasure? 20 tons of gold that took 4 days to transfer
Why were colonists sent to Roanoke Island? set up a colony which protected the interests of England
Why did the colonists leave Roanoke Island after only a year? landed too late in the summer to plant crops; no strong leader-the food ran low and he sailed back to England for more food/supplies; colonists not committed to staying
How did the colonists from Roanoke Island get back to England? Sir Francis Drake brought them back on his ship after his visit with them
Where was the Lost Colony? Roanoke Island
Who was the leader of the Lost Colony? John White
What happened to John White? he went back to England for supplies and then had to stay for 3 years to fight the Spanish Armada, when he returned all the colonists were gone
Why did the Lost Colony fail? landed too late in the summer to plant crops (not self-sufficient); food ran low and the leader sailed back to England for more food/supplies
What are 4 theories about what happened to the colonists on Roanoke Island? killed by a Spanish attack; went to live with a Native American tribe, built a ship to sail back to England and were lost at sea; COVER-UP: all people died and they changed the story so English people wouldn't be afraid to live there
Why did they choose the location for Jamestown? protected from the coast so the Spanish couldn't find them, deep water to anchor boats; good water supply
What were some hardships of Jamestown? hunger/starvation; weather; diseases; and Native American attacks
Why was Captain John Smith sent to Jamestown? get the colony functioning and the colonist working with his "no work, no food" rule; Powhatan Indians were angry and they feared him
What industries were tried in Jamestown? glass making and wood production
What was the cash crop of Jamestown? tobacco
Who introduced tobacco? John Rolfe; he married the Powhatan chief's daughter Pocahontas who helped the Jamestown colonists
How did the colonists get help with their growing tobacco industry? African slaves and indentured servants (poor Europeans who agree to work for certain number of years without pay for food, housing and clothes in America)
Who are the Powhatan Indians? Indians that lived near and around Jamestown; they captured John Smith
Created by: Mrs. Swiander



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