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ACS Manifest destiny

(ACS Elementary )Manifest Destiny and settling the west

When did the American Revolution end? 1783
After the American revolution ended, Great Britain game the United States control of the ____ _____________ along the Atlantic Coast. 13 colonies
Great Britain games the USA control of the 13 colonies along the __________ Coast plus additional territory extending to the ____________ ______________ in 1783. Atlantic mississippi river
In a single agreement with _________, the U.S purchased most of the land reaching from the Mississippi river to the Rocky Mountains for $15 Million. France
The U.S purchased most of the land reaching from the Mississippi river to the Rocky Mountains for $15 Million in a agreement with France during which year? 1803
In a single agreement with France, the U.S purchased most of the land reaching from the ____________ _________ to the _________ ___________ for $15 Million. Mississippi river Rocky mountains
What year was the Florida acquisition? 1819
After General Andrew Jackson attacked Florida, Spain agreed to give Florida to the USA and the USA agreed to pay the Georgia settlers who had claims against Spain. What is this event known as? (The ________ _______________) Florida acquistion
In 1836, Texas declared its independence from ___________. Mexico
______ became known as the Lone Star Republic. Texas
What year did Congress admit Texas as the 28th state? 1845
In 1845, Congress admitted ______ as the ___th state. Texas 28
What year was the Texas Annexation? 1845
What year was the Acquisition of Oregon Country? 1846
In 1846, Great Britain agreed to give up more land. A boundary was drawn at 45 degrees _______ that went from the Rocky Mountains to the _______ Ocean. north pacific
In _______, Great Britain gave up all claims to land south of the new boundary line. 1846
What year was the Mexican Cession? 1848
The United states and mexico fought a war. Both sides signed the Treaty of _________ ____________. Under this treaty, the U.S. paid $15 million for the land that included the present day states of California, New Mexico, Utah, and Nevada. Guadalupe Hidalgo
In the Mexican Cession, Mexico agreed for the ____ _____ River to be the border between Texas and Mexico. Rio Grande
The Mexican Cession included the present day states of ___________, _________, ___, and ___________. california new mexico utah nevada
What year was the Gadsden Purchase? 1853
In the Gadsden Purchase, The United States bought land from Mexico for $10 million. It was the area south of the ______ river, in present day _________ and New Mexico. Gila arizona
Created by: Rachelangel