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BLK Lead & Industry

Black Leadership Emerges in the South and The Age of Industry

(Black Leadership Emerges in the South) What is the approximate date when black leadership emerged in the South 1870
In 1870 the Constitution was amended. What right was given to black men? What happened as a result of this? Black men were given the right to vote. Blacks were elected to government offices and black schools were established.
For what was Booker T. Washington known? He was known for his support of Negro colleges.
From what school did Booker T. Washington graduate? Hampton Institute in Hampton, Virginia
What was the Tuskegee Institute? Who ran it? The Tuskegee Institute was a vocational school that trained students in farming, carpentry, teaching, and other useful jobs. It was headed by Booker T. Washington.
What is George Washington Carver best known for inventing? Hundreds of uses for peanuts.
Where did Carver teach? What did he urge farmers to do? He was a scientist and a professor at Tuskegee College. He urged farmers to rotate crops with legumes which would add nutrients to the soil.
What did Carver learn about cotton? It was removing valuable nutrients from the land
From what plants did Carver invent hundreds of products? Sweet potatoes and peanuts.
(The Age of Industry) What are the approximate dates for the Age of Industry? c. 1870- 1900
What did the completion of the transcontinental railroad allow? It allowed many more people and goods to go west.
What did factories build during the War Between the States now produce? Machine made clothes
New products that were created used__________ Steel and fuel oil
List some items that caused people to move from the farm to the city Trains, tall buildings, steel plows, and sewing machines.
What did huge companies make available to people new products and services
List six large company owners and what they produced. Andrew Carnegie- steel; John D. Rockefeller- oil; Cornelius Vanderbilt- railroads; Pillsbury, Kellogg, and Heinz- food products
Created by: GuineaPigwca
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