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Imperialism Vocab

Vocabulary & questions for Imperialism

Big Stick Diplomacy use of force when words don't work
Dollar Diplomacy use of economic relationships and ties between the US and Latin America to influence Latin America (Taft)
Moral Diplomacy fairness toward other similar nations, economic support similar nations; condemnation of imperialism, spread of democracy to promote peace (Wilson)
imperialism the policy of powerful countries seeking to control the economic and political affairs of weaker countries
yellow journalism news reporting that is exaggerated or even untrue to attract readers ("click bait")
sphere of influence an area, usually around a seaport where a nation has special trading privileges.
Open Door Policy held that the U.S and all nations should have trading rights in China even in other nations spheres of influence - protected American trading rights in China
Boxer Rebellion uprising of protesters who were opposed to international businesses in China - an international army put down the rebellion
annex to add on
isolationism view holding that the U.S should have very little to do with the political affairs of other nations in order to avoid war. anti-imperialist
Seward's Folly a derogatory nickname for Alaska after Secretary of State Seward purchased it from Russia for 7.2 million thought to be a barren wasteland, but was actually rich in natural resources & an asset for America
Created by: MsGiancola
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