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OCS Am 2 U1, L1, N3

after Civil War OCS students

Manifest Destiny The idea that Americans had the right and duty to expand all the way to the Pacific Ocean.
Indian Removal Act of 1830 This law required Indians to lose their land.
Trail of Tears An event where a large number of Cherokee Indians had to move from their land and many died on their journey west.
Telegraph This invention made it easier to communicate with others far away.
Steam-powered ships This invention made it easier to transport products from place to place.
Steel plow This invention made it easier to till the hard soil.
Cotton gin This invention made it easier to take the seeds out of cotton.
Second Great Awakening This movement stressed salvation was possible for everyone and highlighted the power of the individual.
Transcendentalism This movement emphasized living in harmony with nature.
Temperance This movement was an attempt to ban alcohol.
Abolition This movement worked to end slavery.
Suffrage This movement focused on women's right to vote.
Nationalism Strong feeling of pride and devotion to one's country.
Sectionalism Extreme loyalty to a particular region of a nation.
Created by: karen.pharr