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Mesopotamia 18-29

Cards 18=29

Term Info.
18. Sargon Sargon was the first one to take over all of Mesopotamia, he was the ruler of the newly-founded Akkadian Empire. Sargon will be known for their military strategy. Soldiers carrying shields had others behind them with spears that went in between them.
19. Hammurabi Hammurabi was the next to conquer Mesopotamia, his empire was named the Babylonian Empire. He was known for the Code of Hammurabi: 282 Laws written between 1792-1750 B.C.E. Created to preserve order between what used to be different city-states.
20. Nebuchadrezzar II Nebuchadrezzar II took power after Hammurabi, he founded the Assyrian Empire. His empire was built around military, using fear to rule. They cut off the head of the enemy general, made a defeated soldier wear the head around neck, marched home bearfoot.
21. Abraham Abraham became leader of the Hebrew people, leading them from the Fertile Crescent to Canaan. Abraham lead the Hebrews around the same time that Hammurabi was in power.
22. Moses The Hebrews lived in Canaan until a famine struck and drove them into Egypt in search of food. There, the Egyptians enslaved the Hebrews until Moses, they're new leader, lead them out of Egypt and back to Canaan after 40 years of searching.
23. Fertile Crescent An area of land that is crescent-shaped, this is were the earliest Mesopotamians came in search of more farmland; they came from the Zagros foothills.
24. Mesopotamia The land in between the Tigris and Euprates rivers that the people from the Zagros foothills settled in.
25. Sumer Sumer is the earliest known civilization in southern Mesopotamia.
26. Babylon Babylon was a city in northern Mesopotamia in which Hammurabi was from. Also when Nebuchadrezzar II was in power of the Neo-Babylonian Empire he created the hanging gardens to bring back Babylon's splender.
27. Canaan Canaan was a city where the Hewbrews first settled, who were lead by Abraham through the Fertile Crescent. After the Hewbrews were enslaved by the Egyptians for 400 years, Moses lead them back into Canaan. Between the Jordan River and Mediteranean Sea.
28. Mount Sinai Mount Sinai is a mountain located in Egypt. It is said to be a holy site in Judaism. While the Hebrews wandered around Mount Sinai, they developed their own set of written laws, known as the Ten Commandments.
29. Jerusalem
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