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History of the U.S.

Title: ... History of the United States Early
1400’s first … arrive Europeans
1492: … Christopher Columbus
European... come to this land. diseases
Subtitle: Native American Groups of the ... and ... East ... Midwest
Eastern woodlands: farmers, ..., permanent homes fisherman
Plains: hunters of ...; semi-permanent homes buffalo
Subtitle: … American Groups of the West Native
Nevada: ... nomads
Southwest: farmed ..., adobes, pueblos, and caves corn
Coastal: relied heavily on the … and timber ocean
Subtitle: First European ... Settlements
King of England Wants new ... to make money. territory
1500’s moving into North … looking for natural resources, gold etc. America
People who are different religion of their native homeland are .... dissenters
1607 First English colony : ... Jamestown Virginia
Subtitle: The ... Colonies English
1733: 13 … were established. colonies
... are grown to sell and export. Example: ... Cash crops tobacco
… are large farms that usually have only one crop. Example: ... Plantations cotton
Title: A New ... Country
150 years of .... growth
Subtitle: ... in the Colonies Government
Each colony has its own ... to govern themselves. governor
1754 – 1763 War with ... France
Britain raises … in the colonies to pay for war. taxes
Subtitle: American ... and Beyond Revolution
1774: Continental Congress in .... Philadelphia
1783 – US gains ...!! War is over. independence
1787 … written. Delegates from colonies write the important document. Constitution
Title: … and Growth Expansion
Subtitle: … Expansion Westward
... is the idea of expanding the US across the nation from sea to shining sea. Manifest Destiny
1803 – US bought the … doubled the size of US. Louisiana Territory
Treaties with Native Americans: broken. Forced to live on .... reservations
Subtitle: Internal … Divisions
1861 – South vs North over … issue. slavery
Sparks the ...: one of the world’s bloodiest wars. Civil War
We will have to ... the nation after the war. rebuild
Subtitle: The … Revolution Industrial
New types of machines built and make farming easier; less people needed to work the .... land
Factories: turn out goods ... and .... fast ... cheap
Goods move fast: human-made … , canals, steamboats, and railroads. waterways
Economy expanding! People moving into … in large numbers! cities
Title: A … Power Developing
Throughout 1900’s: economy, … continue to expand population
Subtitle: The Role of ... Immigration
Early 1900’s: large number of … from Ireland, Germany, Italy, Poland, Hungary. immigrants
… people came from throughout Europe. Jewish
Subtitle: … and World War II The Great Depression
… The Great Depression causes economy to suffer. 1929
President … (FDR) creates The New Deal. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Create ... and have new rules for ... and businesses jobs ... banks
Federal … expands. government
1939 - … begins in Europe and the Pacific World War II
US tries to stay .... neutral
1941 … bombed by Japan. US enters the war!! Pearl Harbor
... – US and allies win the war. 1945
Allies are .../... friends ... comrades
… expand to make goods for warfare. Industries
… is going great. Economy
Subtitle: Expanding ... Prosperity
After the war the US is considered to be a …. superpower
A country with dominant ..., ..., ..., and ... influence. military, economic, political, cultural
Not all Americans benefited: ... for African-Americans. inequality
1960’s: ... is the movement for equality. Civil Rights Movement
Congress passed new laws that gave African-Americans equal ... to end discrimination. rights
Created by: 194562



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