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The US Today

Title: The US ... Economy
The US has a ... economy in which individuals and businesses make the majority of buying and selling decisions. market
Subtitle: ... on the World Economy Influence
... are goods shipped to other countries Exports
... are goods brought into the US. Imports
... and ... are America's largest trading partners Canada ... Mexico
North American ... ... ... (NAFTA) increases trade for less cost. Free Trade Agreement
Subtitle: The Economy at ... Home
... ... are places where people do particular kinds of work. Economic regions
In today’s US economy most people work in ... industries. service
Title: ... Culture American
... is a pattern of activities, language, and habits common to a group of people. Culture
Culture is often expressed in the ... we practice, the ... we prefer, the ... we like, and how we .... religion ... food ... music ... dress
Subtitle: ... of Culture Origins
US culture has ... worldwide spread
Subtitle: ... Today Immigration
Immigrants come wanting opportunity, ..., and rights. freedom
US ... has increased in the last 10 years due to immigration. population
State and Federal leaders try to find fair ways to allow some ... into the country. immigrants
Title: The US as ... Leader World
The size of the US economy and ... enables us to pursue interests in many parts of the world. military
Subtitle: ... Policy Foreign
Foreign policy is to protect and promote US interests and the concerns of its .... allies
... is making decisions through discussion. Diplomacy
Subtitle: Economic and Social ... Intervention
United States Agency for International ... (USAID) Development
... Corps : provides food and teaches people to survive Peace
US uses economic, political, and military resources to discourage .... conflict
Created by: 194562



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