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Final 1

history needs

Who was one of the strongest voices of protest against the wickedness in the Roman church. John Wycliffe
Followers of Wycliffe who were imprisoned, tortured, and burned at the stake for teaching his views. Lollard
Challenged the Bohemian people to oppose the worldliness in the church. He taught and defended many of Wycliffe's beliefs and was accused by church leaders of spreading heresy. John Huss
Imprisoned Huss and placed him on trial for heresy. Council of Constance
His courageous stand against the Roman Catholic Church sparked the religious upheaval known as the Protestant Reformation. Martin Luther
Justification by faith alone. Sola Fide
This pope launched a campaign to complete the rebuilding of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. Leo X
Certificates which, according to Catholicism, granted pardon from the punishment of sins. Indulgences
A Dominican friar who began selling indulgences near Luther's parish at Wittenberg. Johann Tetzel
The theory of gaining heaven by merit and thus having excess or extra to place in a bank used for salvation. The pope served as "treasurer" and could dispense these extra good works. Treasury of the Saints
On this night, Martin Luther, dressed in his professor's gown, stood outside the castle church in Wittenberg, Germany and posted the Ninety-five Theses on a public bulletin board. October 31, 1517
Became a symbol of defiance against the corruption and hypocrisy of Rome. Ninety-Five Theses
Formidable scholar and champion of Catholicism who debated Luther in the summer of 1519. Johann Eck
Sensing Luther's strong public support, this newly crowned German emperor refused to condemn him without a hearing. Charles V
Luther stood before the emperor, princes, and bishops of the Holy Roman Empire at this place. Diet of Worms
Clearly sets forth the chief doctrines. Augsburg Confession.
During the sixteenth century, members of this family occupied the English throne. Tudor Family
King on the throne of England when the Protestant Reformation began in Germany. Henry VIII
Sought to restore Roman Catholicism to England by compelling Parliament to repeal the religious laws. Mary I
She was married to the throne of England. Elizabeth l
It laid the foundation for the Church of England. Elizabethan Settlement
Became the ruler of the Hapsburg territories in Spain, the Netherlands. Philip II
Under the command of this daring Sir, the smaller, more maneuverable English ships defeated the large. Francis Drake
Their defeat had a significant impact upon world history. Spanish Armada
The leader of the Protestant Reformation in Scotland. John Knox
Who founded and ruled the Mongol empire. Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan grandson who became Great Khan. Guyuk
Method of tax collection used by Il-Khan. Tax-Farming
The historian who recorded the deathbed speech of Genghis Khan. Juvaini
Treeless plains, especially the high, flat expanses of northern Eurasia. Steppe
What is the union of Austria and Germany Anschluss
A Spain's fascist dictator Francisco Franco
Giving in to demands of an aggressor appeasement
What was the result of the civil war in Spain Francisco Franco came into power and created a fascist dictatorship
Hitler justified Germany's aggression by stating that Germans had the right to conquer inferior peoples
What event marked the beginning of world war 2 ? the German invasion of Poland
Who killed archduke Ferdinand? Gavrilo Princip
Why did Germany invade Soviet Union Hitler wanted the country's natural resources
The Atlantic Charter was an agreement between the U.S and Britain to destroy the Nazis
The concept of total war included the regulation of wages and prices
What was one reason the Allies won the war in Europe? The huge productive capacity of the US
Did Germany fight on several fronts? TRUE
Did Harry S. Truman give the final decision to use the A bomb? TRUE
What did they use to end the war in Japan? The A-Bomb
What is VE day? The end of the war in Europe
What is island hopping? A way to recapture the Japanese territory
What is the name of the Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima? Little Boy
Where were the Nazis trials held? Nuremburg
A US aid package to Western European countries was called the ? Marshall Plan
Who is given the right to veto rights in the United Nations? The security Council
What was the name of the bomb dropped in Nagaksagi? Fat Man
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